Madison, Wisconsin

I was at Menards east in madison, wi. trying to return 4 items.

The items were all on my receipt, but the tags had been removed.

She called up a man to review the items and he said they were not on receipt which I still have.

I just feel for what I spend at Menards per year they should treat every

customer with respect.

They did give me a refund for 3 of the 4 items, it was just the

bad attitude she displayed.

The time was Sunday 9/19/10 at 8:08 AM

There are many options out there for what I buy at Menards.

Home Depot, Lowes ect!

Thank you,

John Metz

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Fyi, there are approximately. 1.9 million Different items with 1.9 million different skU #S in a menards store. Do you think you could memorize every single product? It is unfortunate that they don't allow you to return every used and abused piece of *** you could say you purchased from them with no questions asked.

They are in the business of making money.

Do not put the ladies down either, some of the most knowledgeable and hard working people I have worked with at menards were women.

-current employee


Yeah, funny. Hire a girl to do a man's job.

Okay, YOU go work in retail for a week, let's see how long you last.

You'll want to shoot everybody like I do.

And for the record, I'm a girl, and as for man's job, they prefer I push carts over the guys. I am size wise the absolute SMALLEST person in my store, yet the men at my store are like all men, lazy pieces of ***, who only start to try to work because they don't want their pride damaged when a girl shows them up.


Yes let’s whine and *** about an employee doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Have you ever worked in retail and more specifically a returns counter?

Oh man they only returned 3 out of my 4 items that I didn’t have tags on?!?!

Those evil bastards! ***.


Despite tags,no tags every customer that is in a store should be treated with the upmost respect, this customer if returns will bring revenue to this company and their employees, with out the repeat of return customers is the means another failed company!!!


policy at menards states that if their are no barcodes on the items which were supposedly purchased from the store and you are trying to return them we are not supposed to even let you, so ACTUALLY we did you a favor so quit complaining and go get laid by your boyfriend.


John, rather than going to retail stores where you will become frustrated by the gals working there you, should just crawl back into the cave you crawled out of and stay there!!


John you sure sound like a model citizen. When you try to return your anal beads without a tag on them do they let you?

Pretty sure they were just verifying what you had was what was on the receipt...

pantys in a bunch?? :cry :cry


That's not how we make deals around here. You have to get bitten by a Mahooky Spider, you'll get a fever and delusions.

You'll start to say things.

Then if you're intensions prove true... we trust you.


Why don't you two idiots shut up. This is what happens when they hire gals to work in a man's job. Gals are good for one thing only and that is sex.


Genius, how are they to get a barcode if the tags are remove. Grow up and get the tags.


What's you problem. The gal at the return counter is just trying to do her job.

It's not her fault you removed the tags. Without the tags she can't scan the product to verify they are in fact the items on your receipt.

That is why she had to call someone from the department to verify the product matched the receipt. Don't blame store employees for delays caused by something you did.