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I already added the information before I saw the update thing; it is below.

One point, the site continually indicates that I am from Sun Prairie, Wis when I am from Mauston, Wis. not Sun Prairie.

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I am a locksmith and a customer called me for a problem with a tru-bolt lock. The unit locked itself when he went out of the house, and the cylinder had to be drilled out to get the door open. No damage was done to the lock other than the cylinder.

Where can I get a new cylinder for this lock.

This was a lever 440 0308. This was new installation that had just been done and the lock had been installed by the owner.

He followed all instructions perfectly, and the lock worked for him before it did it's auto lock thing. He is not irritated about the whole situation, he just wants to get a new cylinder, (or core, as some call it) so he can get his lock working as it should.

Thanks, Al.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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This is the second try bolt keyless lock I have had. The first one the wiring shorted out within two weeks.

We got a second on and now within the month if installing when you put it the code it won’t lock or unlock. You here the mechanism running but nothing happens.


Take it back and buy a quality lock. Kwikset is better than the tru-bolt but get a Schlage if you can afford it.


Help...my Tru Lock has worked fine for a year and now it’s stuck in a spring unlock. I changed the batteries and still when I go to close the dead bolt from the inside, it springs unlocked. So weird.


This is why I would never buy a electronic lock.I have not had any problems with the Trubolt regular deadbolts.


The Menard's Trubolt lock comes with a programmable auto lock option after a set time. He must likely programmed the auto lock into the programming.


One lady named Nina at Menards took personal interest in my problem and after some effort sent me a replacement cylinder free of charge, to replace the one I had to drill out. Took awhile but very good customer support and I am completely satisfied.


Why would anyone purchase such an inferior lockset such as trubolt anyway, they are junk before they are installed.


Just explain the situation and what you had to do to get the lock open. I don't think you will have a problem getting a replacement.


The easiest thing to do is take the whole lock back to the store with the receipt and there shouldn't be any problem exchanging it for a new one. :) :) :)