Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Just over a year later the keypad went bad. Paid 85 dollars for the lock.

Called company for replacement and they do not have replacement parts!!! Buy a new lock or if its under warranty they will replace it totally at the store. Worst customer service. Unbelievable.

I will try to go to the store and get a replacement from them, but I highly doubt they will help me since I am way past the return window. Their product was much cheaper than other brands, but now I understand why. Outsourced and non existent customer service.

Menards should not sell Tru-Bolt junk to anyone.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Bought a trubolt lock. 100 bucks.

First rain it got water in and shorted out. Returned and got another.

Next rain shorted the new one out. Never again


This lock is JUNK!!!


Can anyone tell me how to change the code on the touch screen lock??? I need to change it but no where online does it tell you. It only shows you how to install it.


Menards sucks.


I bought one, and have tried several times to get it to work, works with the key, but not with the keypad.


I have two of these and both consume batteries. Menards has discontinued them so I guess I am stuck?


We purchased three different Tru-bolt locks. One would not work when it was cold so I had to return it.

The replacement quit working in two months as the electronic board went bad and it would make a beeping sound every few hours.

The third is one is about a year old and it has quit working as it is totally unresponsive. Do not waste your money.


Had the exact same problem and Tru Bolt told me I was the only customer this ever happened to.


Totally agree - we had it for less than a few months and it's NO longer working! Tru-Bolt SUCKS as a product - do NOT purchase.


What happened when you went to the store? Did they replace it or not?


Your door lock is working completely as intended, if you are unable to open your door lock then nor are burglars able to open the door. 100% the way it intended secure your property

Thank you and happy holidays to all


The reason they are on the shelf is that consumers don't want to pay the price of a quality lock. As with anything in life you get exactly what you pay for.

Buy a low priced product and it won't last as long as a name brand product, nor will it come with the support of a name brand product.

Companies have to pay support staff and higher materials cost for higher quality products. That is why you pay more for a lock like Scalage than Tru-bolt.