Mount Vernon, Ohio
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I purchased a Tru Bolt Lock ( locker type with keys) at Menards.After work I placed the lock on my locker in the pool locker room at work and locked up my phone,purse,clothes,shoes & keys. I swan & returned to my locker to retrieve my belongins.

When I tried the key in the lock it would not unlock. I (and another woman) tried to unlock it for twenty minuts with no luck. I had to page my boss and explain my situation to her.

She had to stop what she was doing and bring bolt cutters to cut the lock off of my locker.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tru Bolt Door Lock.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We are on our second trubolt lock. When the first on quit we got another one just like it thinking it was probably just a defect in the one we purchased and we liked the style.

Now the second one is doing the same thing after only a month. We will return this one to mennards and find something else some elsewhere.


I bought a tru bolt lock that was electric and had a key pad at Menards. Yesterday I wouldn't work at all unless you used a key I tried too angel the batteries but it still didn't work. I would suggest to not buy from this brand


Change the batteries*


This isn't a place to complain about specific products. My advice though: most big box retail stores are charged a higher price for higher quality product, markup % aside, generally speaking; higher priced product at the same location tend to be worth of such higher standards than its lower priced counterparts.