Stoughton, Wisconsin

I just picked up a 1 1/2 tru-bolt padlock because I thought it was a masterlock but it wasn't I just spent about three hours trying to pick it with manual lock picks and no luck.It has a very narrow keyway and it seems to be designed to frustrate tension wrenches.The padlock has very strong springs on both the shackle and the pins which makes picking even harder and it came with a very challenging key cut with standard 5 pin set up the key cut has very low cuts at both 1 and 3 position which makes picking even more difficult.Now for the bad the key is hard turning and the keys have burs on them. Thats it though this thing is a great antipicking machine for $5.58 us from china its excellent and makes masterlocks look childish in the picking arena.I have not bumped,shimmed,manual pick gunned,electric picked or destructive bypassed it yet but right now its head and shoulders above masterlock padlocks.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I believe that the purpose of a lock is to lets see....LOCK! It sounds as though your lock is doing exactly as it should be.

Maybe you should learn to read the package and notice that the brands are completely different. Or maybe test the product before you place it on whatever your going to be using it on first.


I don't think you read the review very well. The review was saying the locks are secure.

They weren't being picked to remove the lock, just to see how secure they were. The only complaint is the key is hard to turn, not that it doesn't turn.