I bought seven Jeldwen window at a Lowes store in Iowa.

The Lowes people went to bat as far as customer service.

They installed the window correct ,but had no exterior window trim.

They called Jeldwen numerous times ,but no trim. It took 3 months

for this part. Jeldwen rep miss read the part number and won't own

up to there mistake. They even charge Lowes for this part it Jeldwen fault

own up to there mistake. The Jelwen rep when Lowes talk to them was a

*** and unperfessional. Do your home work on your windows and doors folks ?

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You're a loser, like the HCicago Cubs. This is a complaint for Lowe's, not Maynards.


this is about complaints at MENARDS not *** LOWES you dip-***


You and I have a tendency towards corpulence. Corpulence makes a man reasonable, pleasant and phlegmatic.


So..... you're posting a comment about Lowes and Jeld Wen on a complaint board about Menards?

One more thing: "their" and "professional". Please do your spelling homework dude.

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