Kalamazoo, Michigan

Well, we are done shopping at our local Menards. Although we weren't able to buy an HDTV a few weeks ago, after further communication with the store manager, he did contact us to say he talked to his staff to ensure our bad experience wouldn't happen again. We accepted the fact that he couldn't find us another HDTV to buy, and planned on finding one elsewhere.

But then we had another bad experience on 07/16/2011 when we went to our local Menards to do some shopping and buy a "Oversized Leather Rocker Recliner" on sale for their "Crazy Days" promotion. Initially, we got help from a young male staff who was very friendly and helpful as we needed it to be delivered to our apartment. He took us to a computer and put in all the information to sell and deliver us the recliner, and said it would be $40.00 for it to be delivered the following day. We said that would be great. He then said he was sorry, but had to get another sales staff to complete the sale because he wasn't authorized to. He then got a very tall, bald man we believe was named Tim to complete our transaction. This other staff first said it couldn't be delivered on the next day because they weren't doing any deliveries that day. He stated that the next day after was the earliest it would be delivered. We agreed that would be okay if it couldn't be today or the next. He then said they could deliver the recliner to our garage. We stated that we lived in an apartment and had no garage. He then said they would deliver it to the street in front of the address. I then explained that my wife and I are disabled, and needed it delivered to our apartment on an upper floor. That was why we needed it delivered, because we couldn't carry it up the flight of stairs to our apartment. He then said it would cost $10.00 more to bring it to our apartment, on top of the $40.00 delivery fee. We live only one mile from Menards.

We then told Tim (store staff) that we didn't agree with having to pay more than $40.00 just to have it delivered to our apartment. I explained that we recently bought a couch from Big Lots and had it delivered by the same guys who said they also delivered for Menards, and that there was no additional charge over $40.00 to put it in our living room. He stated it didn't matter, and that we would have to pay more if we wanted it delivered to our apartment. We said no, we wouldn't pay more, and he let us leave feeling extremely disappointed in Menards. We won't be going back after being treated this way. It's obvious getting more money on a delivery is more important than servicing good disabled customers.

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I know this is an old thread but seems a lot of confusion exists around this. All deliveries should be set up through a store's delivery coordinator located near the lumber desk.

At that point the rate is given based on distance from the store AND whether or not the guest/customer is getting a driveway "drop" or paying extra for in home. Those fees are all spelled out in the contract with the delivery driver/company. A ground floor in home delivery is an additional $10 (min.) and second floor or basement is another $10. An item requiring two men/persons is also an additional $10, such as a sofa, recliner, king or queen mattresses, etc..

This is all disclosed up front and paid for with the purchase so there really should be no suprises or feelings of being ripped off, you can either accept and pay for the delivery or not, buy the item or not. Problems only arise from lack of clear communication or employees making statements about charges which they are not authorized to make or don't know all the details which the delivery coordinators do.


Once again, someone (obvious employee at some Menards store) gives their opinion without reading all of the complaint and comments.

This Big Rapids, Michigan Menards used a "contracted" delivery guy (some dude and his buddy who delivered for others in town too, like Big Lots).

Not all stores are like yours, where they are perfect at ALL details to ALL deliveries. Big Rapids doesn't do it like you describe, I assure you.


Every Menards employee has a "chip" on their shoulder. Really???

At 7.00 an hour they should be grateful I purchase from the store to pay their min wage salary. They should be more humble but what goes around cones around.


In this case the guest has a good point. Tim is a *** and has no idea what hes doing.

He should not be setting up delivery that is not his job.

In fact the big rapids delivery service at this time delivered for a lot of different company's. This delivery service put Menards as 2nd on there list of jobs to do and were not able to offer delivery 24/7 and it was set up that way through the GM.


I cannot stand when customers complain about delivery charges or rules. If you have a problem with it then save some money by borrowing a friends truck using some physical strength in loading it onto the truck and take it home yourself. Lazy americans these days

@menards cashier

That is easy for you to say, being young and healthy. But I've had surgery on my neck and lower back and don't plan on having any more.

That is why I pay to have someone else do it. But it's nice when people like you don't try and rip off people like me just because you want something extra for NOTHING. Talk about lazy.

Be glad you have a job in the first place. Stop taking advantage of that and remember who provides your paycheck.


Too bad for you on the extra charge for delivery. Come on....seriously.

You're not going to get something for nothing. Get friends and ask them to help you.

Or spend the $10. This is not a blot on Menards, but on you.


anything that requires going up or down a level costs more. That's how it is.

Whoever said it doesn't cost more is an ***. The contracted service charges menards more for it so menards charges you more for it.

That is how business works. deal with it.


I ONLY tell the truth. If you did some research before making your comment you wouldn't look so ***.

All you need to do is call Menards and ask if their delivery is through an outside private contractor. You'll find out it is. And if you think that delivery contractor can live on only Menards for a client in this ecconomy, that's funny. I can't say I know anything for sure, but this IS what the delivery service for Big Lots advised me (that he had a delivery for Menards first before he would drop off our couch), and what Menards said (that their delivery was through a private contractor).

Big Rapids, Michigan really isn't that big. You can call Menards here at 231-796-5763.

Next time know what you are saying before calling someone a liar. It's not that hard and will avoid having you look like a fool.


Can you please tell the truth, story sounds fishy. Menards does not allow there delivery service to deliver for the competition.

@hunting for the truth

OMG...don't people read anymore before just spewing *** from their fingers? Check for yourself if you REALLY want the truth. I gave the phone number.