Cheyenne, Wyoming

I went to Menards to return an electric mower. My wife and I intended to purchase a rechargeable electric mower.

On display was the mower we wanted, but the store screwed up the SKU numbers and we bought a corded mower and drove home. 50 miles to out home town. After getting home we opened the box and found that we had the wrong mower. The next day a Sunday I drove the 50 miles to Casper to return the mower.

I went to customer service and informed the woman that I wanted the rechargeable mower on display and informed her of the price that was the same as the mower we mistakenly bought. She told me that there was no such thing. So I asked for an associate to help me. I went to the mower isle and waited and waited then finally caught an employee walking by and they helped me egt the mower on display as there were no others in a box available.

I went through the checkout with the the price tag that was attached to the mower and exited the store headed for my pickup. I then noticed there was no cord to charge the battery and went back in the store. The customer service woman wanted to see my receipt and I gave it to her, she reviewed it left and told a manager I was stealing the mower. He told me not to leave and when I asked why he would not say.

While waiting for him to explain what he wanted I discovered the charge cord was inside the grass catcher bag and told the manager I had everything and was ready to leave. He said you can't leave and I said yes I can and I am leaving. He would not communicated with me what he wanted and I asked him if he was accusing me of stealing. His reply was no, so i said I'm leaving and headed for the door he shouted at me not to leave and I told him to go *** himself.

They had called the police and where trying to detain me untill the cops could get there. I went to my pickup and called the police myself. The police investigated and found that Menards had placed a tag on the rechargeable mower with the wrong price and wrong SKU number. The price was only a difference of $20.00.

The store manager had the police ticket me for disturbing the peace, claiming that telling him to go F@#* himself disturbed the peace. what about my peace, being called a thief by the manager when if he had done his own investigating he would of found that the store was at fault not me. the kicked me out of the store and told me if I returned I would be chargeed with trespassing .

I would shop ther for free money. *** You Menard's

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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HAH, menard's employees aren't allowed to interfere with people trying to exit the store, so quit being a lying ***. ***.


People read the date at the top of the original post. July 2012!! Menards did not open until May 2013!!!


Funny how one loser can write so much ***. Go back to the mountains. We don't need you at our church.


Notice 21 b.s.ratings. No doubt that is the *** people trying to do damage control menards needs to be boycotted nationally.

Do not do business with menards their stores and parking lots are dangerous. If you suffer damage at their store you will be in a deny and delay legal fight good luck with these losers


Stay away from menards. The corporate culture is as if they are looking for trouble.

The owner is a toxic waste illegal dumper was a *** he made his money by cheating vendors employees and corrupt politicians with sweetheart deals. His NASCAR team cheats just like he does what a punk he is


Customer is a dead beat and doesn't even know that there isn't a store open in Cheyenne yet.

This redneck needs to get his story story straight. He's embarrassing the whole TRAILER PARK.


This happened in Casper not Cheyenne. The store in Cheyenne is not complete.

Learn to read.


I would not fret much. Cheyenne cops are a joke. I lived there for 9 years and most of them are clueless.


Being a police officer in mn i would have laughed in the face of the store manager. If he started the shouting then he disturbed the peace, not you.

And attempted unlawful detainment... depending apun my mood i would have arrested him right there.

And jedi night ethan, you should go get your stick wet. If it was a *** i would look the other way, sounds like you need it.


Hey Jedi Knight I bet you don't have the balls to call me a wife beater to my face. I don't beat my wife but I would beat your sorry *** for a totally uncalled for comment like that. What are you a Menards manager.


I think both the manager and the husband need to see a shrink. With their temper's I wonder if the manager and the OP beat their wives?


yip, some stores and managers have attitudes and this one needs a shrink