My friend and I entered the store in Spencer, Iowa through the exit door today. A male employee rudely told us to exit the store.

Yes, my friend and I wrongfully entered the store-using the exit door and it was not right of us to do that. We figured what we needed was close to the exit and it was very cold out so we thought we could just entered through the exit door. What I am not happy about is that the male employee was very rude. Rather than asking us to go use the appropriate door, he basically told us to get out.

Many times when I go to the store, Ive seen people entered through the exit door and they were never told anything. This makes me feel my friend and I were mistreated due to our race and hair color.

I also regret having ever spend thousands of dollars there. I felt very hurt for the mistreatment and I hope your employees are better trained in handling situations similar to mine.

Location: Sioux City, Iowa

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Tell him you will be glad to exit the store, however you will also be glad to enter their competition across the street and permanently take your business there. Menards employees are trained to be rude and the company is run with the "rules don't apply to us" attitude. For a company that has 1/5 the number of stores the other big box stores they still get a huge number of complaints.


LOL...Absolutely NO ONE WILL CARE if you make such a statement. I'm guessing you're old and think this is 1970 where the mere hint of a complaint to "corporate" will get shake the pillars of the store.

Sorry, this isn't that. This is an underpaid, understaffed joint(thanks to your demanding the cheapest prices) full of people who know full well they can beat you across the street and get another job. If you want great service, stop being cheap. Stop going to big box stores and shop at the smaller, local, and more EXPENSIVE shops.

Assuming your *** for cheap junk hasn't run them out of business. You're so cute....You leave, others, who come in, grab what they need, and leave will take your place.

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