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I really liked Menards and couldn't wait till they built the store by me unfortunately after this Covid 19 scare the more I go there the less I like Menards. My son and I went into menards to get a flower pot then two employees walked up to us like bouncers ready to fight both of us because we didn't have a mask on .

so I told them I dont have one they wanted me to buy masks I'm leaving . Today I went in to return a couple things well the debit card I bought the stuff with was replaced by the bank with a new number the teller told me they couldnt give the money back on the new card but they could give me a in store credit well I didnt want a store credit I want my money back teller called the manager he came and went outside avoiding this situation and when he came in he went back to the store avoiding me again Mike was the managers name.

I had my receipts and the items all I wanted is my money back for stuff I over bought for a remodel. If Menards cant give money back then they need to stop taking debit Cards and credit cards seems this is the new norm because I ran into the same problem with Auto zone a few days ago as well

User's recommendation: Be careful there policies suck.

Location: Hilliard, Ohio

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Poor baby boy didn't want to wear a mask during a worldwide pandemic. US response to COVID has been pathetic and laughable, and you're responsible for it.

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