I have been treated rudely by the security guard for order pickup numerous times. However, this week was the final time.

I believe what caused his attitude with me was my coming to pick up and order for the first time, unaware that I needed an order number. My phone had just died and I mistakenly thought that my name and ID would allow me to pick up an order. Oh how wrong I was. I had to wait for my phone to charge enough to turn back on and find the number in my email.

Ok, lesson learned, but did he need to scoff and make audible sounds of exasperation? The next 3 or 4 times I came through I was treated like I was at Mendards to receive punishment for a crime, not like somebody who had just spent hundreds of dollars AND paid Menards to pick my order, unlike Lowes, Home Depot, & Ace. The time before this last week, I swore to myself I would not use Menards pick up again as the security guard stood by my Jeep, arms folded, and sighed repeatedly so loud that I finally told him that he could remember my order number if he did not have the patience for me to take one minute to look it up. I pick up orders all the time from multiple stores and maybe the stores having apps make it easier to navigate their protocol, but Ive worked with customers before, and no matter what they did, I smiled and treated them with respect.

When I went to pick up an order Thursday (I believe) I pulled over and found the email first, took a screen shot, & had it pulled up. I didnt need to do all that as I memorized it & was able to give it to him immediately both on the way in, & the way out. However, this time on the way out I gave him my number and he said ok and the gate went up. I started to drive off and I heard him SCREAM hey at me, which caused me to slam my brakes.

He then said he needed to look in the back of my Jeep. I drove off. How dare he scream at me. If this is your loss prevention strategy, looking into my limo dark tinted Windows to see if I stole something, Im afraid Menards has a high percentage of loss.

2nd he needed to tell me that BEFORE he gave me the ok to move forward.

I only got out of my Jeep when the Menards associate came out with my stuff and I walked to them and back into my Jeep.

Do you not have cameras? I would think it better to find footage of me stealing and call the cops than essentially accuse me of stealing and scream at a woman alone because he evidently couldnt get into the Police Academy.

Location: Eden Prairie, Minnesota

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Hopefully it's your final trip to Menards. They don't need customers like you.


Kid it is not up to him to remember your order number, it is YOUR responsibility to have your order number and know how you can show proof of your order. You work with customers as well.

Would serve you right if you had to deal with a customer with an attitude. One like yourself.

Your sarcastic comments about him not being able to get into the police academy shows your attitude. He did not accuse you of theft.


You sound like a drama queen. Start shopping elsewhere


Like online so people do not have to put up with her.

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