Rockford, Illinois
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Today I was putting a fridge in the back of my track and I was having trouble and Ryle was just sitting there watching me and I am almost 60 and he could see I was struggling with the fridge and continued to sit there and my 7 year old daughter came and tried to help because I couldn’t lift it by myself it fell multiple times and he continued to sit and watched . And he got mad when I confronted him

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm sure their policy (due to insurance) doesn't allow them to help you. Did you call ahead to ask if they offered loading assistance?

Maybe should have gone with someone other than your 7 year old daughter to pick up something so heavy if you aren't physically able. I'm sure you could have paid to have it delivered but you didn't want to take on those charges.


You have to realize that people working in these stores have no conception of helping thy neighbor or of doing anything other than what they are told to do by management.


You have to understand that you are shopping at a big box self service store. Most customers load their own product.

Had you asked for some help is is more often than not given. How did you "confront" this person.

I take it from your saying that you confronted him that you didn't ask for help nicely. Perhaps if you had asked for help in a nice manner his attitude may have been different.


How rude are your replies MENARDS IS *** PERIOD!!!