Valparaiso, Indiana

Sunday morning 9:30 four cash registers open with 8-10 people in line.

What's wrong with this picture? I would like to see more personal checking out when there is more than 4-5 persons in line.

When looking around there is plenty of employees just standing around just looking busy. I like Menards, but why make customers wait in line to check out? I hope someone reads this and can make some adjustment to staff on check out?

If not maybe more people will be be heading over to Home Depot or Lowes? I will try again, but trust me it won't happen a third time.

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Just because there are people working does not mean that they know how to run the register. We are trained for days on a register and tested thoroughly to see if we can run it correctly.

It takes one press of the wrong button to screw up the whole transaction. We do our best.

Give us a break once in a while. You dont see me going to the place you work and pointing out everything that you do wrong.


Some are just slow because they multi-task...especially the overdone brunette with the big poofy 80s looking hair. She does double duty by loudly asking people if they "intend to pay for those items" as they simply go to pick up some wood pellets off the display up front.

Fortunately, the rest of the employees at the Valparaiso store are rather nice/helpful....they also appear to be from this decade.


You realize that "having employees just looking busy" in your eyes doesn't mean any of those employees are trained on or allowed to operate a register right?

You don't walk into a doctor's office and complain that since the doctor is taking so long they should just let the receptionist check you out do you?

Are you mad when the dishwasher won't jump in to cook you food at restaurants?


Menards is the only store I don't wait inline at. Home Depot, Lowes, WalMart, Shopko.

Kmart, and the grocery store that's all you do is wait. Wal-Mart is the worst they normally jammed packed with shoppers and lucky to have 2-3 cash registers open and they don't open up more for a line, however MENARDS DOES. The people standing around either could not work a cash register or they were busy doing other tasks that are required to make the front end run smoothly. The person standing by the door is making sure people don't shoplift and doing his/her best to make sure all the registers are running efficiently as they can be.

The people sitting behind the front counter are either a general manager or a front end manager both of which again are making sure everything is going smoothly. People running all over the place are sale associates and department managers and none of them would ever operate a register for one they are not trained too and they have better things to be working on.

To top it all off you went at a time that is normally slow so the store staffs lower, unfortunately that day was an expectations and it was a little busier than expected. That last thing any big box store wants to do is over staff and have people just standing around doing nothing, so they staff to higher traffic times.


By the way, at 9:30 am the store will not usually be staffed properly for a busy morning, why because its Sunday morning before church, and it gets busy at the store usually around 11:30 to noon. Also, yes, not everyone in the store is trained on the registers.


just because the employees were "standing around" doesnt mean that they are trained to get on the registers


I was not just standing around, i was playing a game of pocket pool that went into over time. Duhhhhh!!!!!!