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I live in Madison WI and shop at Menards as well as other big name supply warehouses. I got in line right after a person was being checked out by the cashier.

After scanning all the items it took 10 min. after for your computers to give the cash register and clerk a total clearence and print-out of the receipt so he could leave with his few items. I looked around and all the cashiers were being held up by your slow computer cash registers. Cashiers are just doing their jobs but I noticed alot of frustrated waiting customers inwhich the cashier has to deal with this with NO fault to them.

Your network computers for the cash registers are going to cost Menards alot of money in lost sales if a customer KNOWS they can go somewhere else and get in and out alot faster at the cash register.

-50 yr. old skilled trademan

Review about: Menards Cashier.

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