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Bought almost $1350 worth of electrical components from Menard's for an electrical project over the course of three days. There was a total of (6) transactions in the (3) day period.

I paid for all of the purchases by cash, Since I had problems returning merchandise to Menard's due to their screwy return policies in the past when paying by debit or check. I went to return the unused/unopened merchandise at the conclusion of the project. I had (5) of (6)of the receipts. They refused to refund almost $84 that was on the 6th receipt.

The cashier called the CSM who explained their "RETURN POLICY" didn't permit refund without receipt for cash. I said it was obvious it came from your store, due to the brand name, UPC#, etc. Also since the purchases were made only (2) weeks ago I'm sure you could verify the purchase since I new the date and the approximate time I was in the store either on your cameras or on the cash register journal. The CSM called the store manager who kept me waiting 20 minutes at customer service counter (even though I was on a cane and in a post-operative shoe after having foot surgery just two days ago.) Then when she finally arrived, boy did she have an ATTITUDE!!!

And the mouth on that gal, -WOW! Totally unprofessional! She said what do I expect for her to do give the whole store away for FREE! I said you are NOT giving anything away, you are getting your merchandise back in NEW-UNOPENED and re-saleable condition.

She said people like me just "don't get it". I said who exactly was she referring to and who are PEOPLE LIKE ME? You mean people like me, the customer that buys merchandise and supplies her paycheck??? Well guess what MISSY, your paycheck just went down!

You and your company WILL NEVER SEE ANOTHER DIME OF MY MONEY from me or my business! I wonder if she really kisses her mother with that mouth?

I am sure that Menard's corporate must be really proud of her performance! If they have others like her I think their retail future is DIM!

Monetary Loss: $84.

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I have never had a problem with a refund or exchange and I always use a credit or debit card. If you pay with cash you had better keep your receipt.


You do realize original poster the reason you won't get cash back without a receipt is because people steal from Menards and try to return items for cash. You would have been better off buying with a debit or credit card because Menards can look those transactions up and produce a receipt for you.

And you're that type of person who doesn't get it. You think you're special. You think the store should waste it's time to check camera footage if you were in the store on that day.



People like MR Tim B. should not be allowed to shop any where.

he has the attitude.. He would rather have the store waste time looking at videos and looking up reports to see if he bought something? if every store had to do this for people like him, do you think the prices would still be low.?? I dont think so...

so what if it was Menards product.. how do they know you didn't steal it? oh wait because he wanted them to look at the videos.. lets say he did buy one but maybe stoled the other??, trying to work the system.

he shoud have to fill out a Id 10 T form before being able to shop again... How dam unorganized is he to lose his receipt in less then two weeks. I have mine in a file for 5 years, only if i think i may need them, if not out the door they go.. and if i did need them ..

tough luck- follow the stores policy. plain and simple..


Unfortunately in this day and age there are a number of less than honest people in the world that make a living stealing products from stores and either return them or sell them. Retail stores in general have stopped giving cash back without a receipt in order to make it harder for these people to make a living.

Do your part to help keep retail prices down and keep your receipt if you want a cash refund.

I am sure when they explained that they couldn't give you cash they offered a store credit. Perhaps the store manager could have acted differently, but my guess is that you were not a perfect gentleman by the time she got to the service desk to talk to you either,


You're on a cane and a walking boot after just having surgery 2 days ago, yet you are doing electrical work and going shopping? Then you are going to complain about waiting for 20 minutes for a receipt you yourself lost?

Be responsible and take care of your receipts if you can't plan ahead well enough to make the proper amount of purchases. It shouldn't be the retailers responsibility to take back additional product that wasn't defective in anyway.

They do that as a service to you. :upset


So YOU didn't have the receipt? When did it become the retailer's responsibility to be the customer's accountant and have their receipts available on demand?

While I believe she didn't have to be rude about, you are still in the wrong for expecting cash for items without a receipt. No major retailer will give you cash back without a receipt. Be responsible, keep your own receipts and you can receive full credit.

If you were to have placed the purchase on a credit or debit card, Menards has a receipt kiosk that allows YOU to access your receipt for the last 30 months. Next time approach the situation with a calm demeaner and maybe you will be treated with more respect.


Well after my experience with the store manager regarding a CASH PURCHASE that they didn't want to return the cash for...if it's a COLOR ISSUE, they don't like WHITE EITHER!!!