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After spending $1500 on Saturday, I returned on Thursday to pick up an item they had shipped to store. A marble vanity top (1st cart) on a pallet. I proceeded to get the wall tile loaded myself as no one offered or was available nearby (2nd cart). I pushed the 2nd cart to the register area with several workings walking past and no offer to help. I asked two people where to park cart so it’d wouldn’t be returned and they knew I wasn’t finished. Two people because the first told me to ask someone else. The third card was filled with fixtures and faucets and knobs. Again totalling $1500. As I maneuvered my two carts to meet up with my third cart, three separate times an employee passed by with not even a hello or may I help you. arriving at an aisle, the employee scowled when he saw my carts or me?! So I asked him if I could come thru or was he closing he mumbled to come in. My product being a large quantity began falling off the belt to the floor at which time he told me to quit unloading and go bag. Is this cart yours too? Asking about the heavy tile cart I had lugged into the aisle once I’d parked the first two. Yes.

Finishing. He said have a nice day.

Three carts.

I chuckled in shock. And asked if I could get help. He didn’t answer, just hollered over to the lady with clipboard watching registers. They never spoke to me so I wasn’t sure what had been decided. I pushed my three carts out of the way and waited. And waited. Finally asking the customer service counter if I was getting help or maybe there was miscommunication and I had to ask her not him. She snapped that the parking lot attendant was finishing helping someone else. Which was understandable. I just asked her to communicate with me and I would have been informed.

He came up to help soon after doing his job well, one employee out of 8 shows a sign of urgent retraining needs.

We employee over 100 people. Take the time to retrain. It matters.

I wanted to return everything and go to Home Depot.

I purchased a tub and will purchase the flooring and paint from Home Depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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why would they "retrain" their employees when they were doing exactly what menard's trained them to do in the first place? IT'S A SELF SERVICE STORE!

If you want full service go to a locally owned store and PAY A LITTLE MORE! It's cheap people like you that caused this bs in the first place.


So be honest, did you at anytime BEFORE you reached the register ever actually ask for help or did you just do like every other person and assume that the employees are going to jump and help you? It’s a discount big box store!

By design it’s ALL SELF SERVE!! Including the gathering AND pushing of your purchases. If you knew you were going to spend over $1500 then why didnt you bring someone with you to help? We all know WHY you didnt.

You ASSumed that you would just grab a few employees to be your personal shoppers. When that turns out to be a false statement on your part you then feel it’s appropriate to go online and bash innocent employees. So to recap, you ASSumed you would have more help then you did. You ASSumed that you could handle it by yourself.

And to top it all off you ASSumed that you were more important then any other customer. Like a cashier is going to be allowed to just leave their register because YOU need help. They did the right thing and called over someone to assist you yet you STILL show your ample self entitled streak by basically lying online. It really doesn’t matter how much you spent.

It really doesn’t matter that you are just a self entitled dbag. What matters is the complete and total failure you are as a human being. Boo freaking hoo you had three carts and you had to move them yourself. You didnt have to spend so much.

You didnt have to go alone. But you did and somehow it’s all their fault that you WILLINGLY CHOSE to fill three carts. Their job isn’t to hail your potential purchases all over the store while YOU shop. Take some personal accountability!!

YOU FAILED YOURSELF!!! You’re just another example of how slow snowflakes really are. Where in your post do you ever admit that maybe, just maybe you are accountable? I can tell you that at no point do you ever admit guilt for the poor planning and execution of that trip.

Instead you blame others for what is 1000% YOUR FAULT!! Is that the lesson you want your mother to see you learn? That as a ADULT you have a equal part in ANY situation. In this instance you didn’t bring help yet you have over 100 employees.

I guess the pisspoor attitude shown in your post is your default setting for life and no one WANTS to help you. Perhaps you should learn a lesson about personal accountability. But broken little snowflakes like you will NEVER admit you are wrong.

There isnt enough substance in you to be a better person. You have shown the web that.


The employees were probably upset that they weren't paid $15 an hour for their difficult, strenuous and extremely mentally taxing jobs and thus didn't deign to help you, a lowly customer. Such is the difficulty in hiring workers these days. Indeed, try another big box store.


Correct. Not enough immigrants.


You are shopping at a self service big box store, what do you expect? They staff the stores with as few people as necessary with employees assigned to different departments.

If the employee working in the department that sold marble tops went with you to help you get your other materials or even take your cart to the registers people would complain that there is no one in the department that sells the marble tops because they were out of the department helping you. They do train the employees to help "guests" but the reality is that they don't have enough employees to go around and the employees end up doing the things that they are more likely to get chewed out for not having completed by the end of their shift. If you are looking for good service avoid the big box stores. Shop the smaller stores with more staff available to help customers.

Will you pay a little more? Yes, but you have to decide whether you want to save a few bucks in exchange for poor service or spend a little more for a pleasant shopping experience in a better staffed store.The choice is yours, you get what you are willing to pay for.