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My Painter told me that Menards paint prices are really good. Well after walking a half mile to the paint area there were two employees helping one customer.

So after I looked at the swatches I stood for 15 minutes at the cash register and no one came. I went to another area and asked an employee to call someone for the paint department. He said ok. So I waited another 15 minutes and no one came.

I walked another half mile and went to customer service and asked if the guy there was a manager he said no. He never said I can get one for you. I walked out of the store and will never go there again.

I went to Home Depot and the very nice employee in the paint department, Mike, said I did not need to find a swatch and within five minutes I had my paint. I was out the door in under ten minutes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service and no employees.

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And I would be very wary of a "painter" who is so cheap as to only get the cheapest crappiest paint he can.


uuh, Menard's paint prices are cheap because their paint sucks. Home depot's is marginally better but if you actually got someone who could mix your paint for you, you were much better off using the Home depot paint department.

Next time, to avoid such a hassle, stop being such a cheapskate buying paint for your biggest asset (your house) and go to a real paint store.

I seriously doubt that you will have such good luck with home depot for long. And their paint is pretty *** as well.


The paint was not for a house. I am on limited income, l live in my paid Condo and the Condo Association does not have money to paint the hallway which is common ground.

I was sick of looking at the dirty walls. I tried to wash them but did not work.

So I bought the paint and it looks great now. Don't assume you know everything.


You obviously exaggerate your experience. Where did you walk had a mile from?

Why would you go to the paint department in the back of the store, get paint swatches and them take them to a cash register which is in the front of the store. Once you got to the registers you must have gone to a closed lane if no one was there for 15 minutes. You then went back to the paint department after asking someone to page for help and lets see.....waited the same 15 minutes that you waited at the cash register.

If the store is open there is a manager in the store so that story is bogus as well. Bet if they looked at the security cameras you weren't in the store anywhere near the half hour you claim.