Chicago, Illinois

My husband was visiting from New Jersey and had ocassion to visit a store in Chicago. He loved the store and even bought lights which we had to Carry home on the plane.

He wants to know why there are no stores in New Jersey area. We have Lowes and Home Depot but he feels your stores and merchandise are much better quality.

He checked and he saw there are stores in Ohio but that is still too far from us please do him a favor and move a little futher east. Phyllis & Jerry Rosenthal Monroe, NJ A good Job

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Please move into New York state also. I order and have items shipped to me but some items just cannot be shipped.


All of these comments below me are useless as *** on a bull. This is for complaints, not compliments. All of you mest be Chicago Cub fans.


Currently John Menard pays cash for each store he puts up. He expects to expand out to the East Coast and then proceed to the West Coast. It will be quite a bit before Menards is out to your location, but well worth the wait in the overall choice.


I enjoy shopping at both Menard's west and east stores in Eau Claire, WI. Always find the employees to be knowledgeable and very helpful.


Thank you for your encouragement and praise. I love my job at Menards and enjoy helping guests like you!

Happy to be of service to all my guests.


I am currently a newer employee at a Menards and have done my research now insde as well as from the outside because I am a business major. I to am very impressed with John Menard.

The reasoning for the expanssion not yet being that far east is because Menards is private held so it takes longer to finance such ventures. However, it is well worth the wait. This store is very personable on all levels because it is not a bunch of stiffs behind a desk tring to make thier overpaid salaries and stock go up. Menards is a "Good ole' Boy" (for lack of a better term) store.

once again I'm quite impressed and sorry for peoples bad experiences.

You can only do so much the rest is on the employee themselves but comment cards are available at all Menards stores so please fill an urge to fill them out for good or bad experiences so that we as a Menards Team can make it better for us all. Thanks


Hi I work at Menards, the store is family run and that's the biggest reason why it isn't out there yet. I'm sure there will be stores all across the country eventually but since it is not publicly traded there isn't quite as much money to go into building stores in other regions so they are just branching out slowly.

I love the store (not working there) it's really great. I enjoy Lowes for their lighting though, but love Menards for everything else.


Thank you for your kind words. You can view our flyer on the website, or sign up with email.

If you see something you want contact any store, and we can send your choice to you fedex from the store for a small rate.

Until we get closer to you this would be a good option. Your two closest stores are Ontario, and Massillon Ohio.