Billings, Montana

My husband and I bought a 50x80 pole barn package from Menards, in Rapid City South Dakota in 2006 and paid cash. We asked the contractors department to find a reliable contractor to start right away building it.

So they called Jungle Construction, Owned by Ronnie and Janice Junge. They asked him if he had an opening to build our barn for us right away and he said he did. So they hired him, we all met in the store and made arrangements to get started. We paid him $8,000.00 dollars to get started.

To make a story short, Junge started and left the job and never returned after getting $41,000. from us and now everything sits in the field rotting. Menards will not take him off their list of reliable contractors. How do I reach the head CEO John Menard Jr.

and get somthing done about this fraud? Darline Eiesland,

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I bought treated plywood from Menards in Popular Bluff MO. I drove over 240 miles to get GOOD plywood.

Got home and it was all crap. Contacted the manager, he told me a lie about grades (possibly he is just incompetent), joked about the situation, and then blew me off. End result: I could return it at my expense for another load.

Which might or might not be crap. SO DO NOT BUY FROM MENARDS unless you want crap served with jokes and false information.


Thanks 4 that info we were going to the store to also have bulk built we will go elsewer


As for Obama Care...IT S U C K S !!!YOU SHOULD DO YOUR PART... Because by the sound of it...

You are the store manager and you are trying to save your own tail!!! You should treat your customer right. I had s contractor get mad because I told him he needed prior customer referrals to give potential clients since I could not personally refer him based on his work...since I never hired him. He had done nothing for me...

And I knew he had complaints and he knew it too...

Giving a contractor referrals based on sales will destroy your business fast! Food for thought.


Wow! That is really awful.

I'm truly sorry for the horrible treatment you received. My husband and I are in the process of looking for a pole barn and considering having someone to construct it but now I think we will do the labor out selves. I wish we were closer to your part of the country... We would gladly help you with the construction.

Perhaps the is an Amish community near by that would assemble for a reasonable fee. Best wishes.


Contact your prosecutor and file charges. It is a criminal case that he can be forced to give your money back or get prosecuted and face time in jail if the situation isn`t rectified.


I personally know the store manager at the Rapid city store, I have contacted him on his private line and made him aware of this problem. I am sorry but you cannot get in touch with John Menard.

The best route for you may be hire an attorney and file a claim in circuit court, make sure you keep track of all names and dates for all menards employees you have worked with on this project. Our current policy states that we not give reference for this type of project, but at the contractor desk we do make exceptions for the contractors who buy many thousands in material from us. We do try and screen the contractors but it does not always work. I will move this situation toward the front of complaints and see if we can remedy this in a timely manner.

I have a direct line to the main offices in Wisconsin, hopefully by weeks end I can have an answer for you.

By the way did you sign up for OBama care? We all need to do our part.


I'm not thinking anyone would pay 41000 dollars to have a poleshed built. Story is very un believable....





The Menards forest where they get their wood must have ran out so they had to start buying wood where everyone else does. Maybe thats why their lumber is "the worst".

I have been a contractor for years now. Your right, sometimes their lumber isnt the best. However, they all buy from the same lumber providers. Usually because Menards is busier they move their lumber more and it is a better quality.

Unlike many Lowes or Depot I have been to where the lumber is from years ago and has already completely dried and cracked due to it sitting on the shelf for soo long. Not saying they are perfect.

Just saying ALL lumber yards buy the SAME lumber. The qualtiy only depends on how they take care of it and how quickly they move it out the door.

@sd ***tractor

If you are a contractor, you should know that there are several providers of lumber. And there is a very big difference between suppliers. You might want to do some research.


Comment written ny general number 5. No they dont even stand by there purchases, i bought a lawn mower and it will not start they said since i put gas in it i can not return it and i have to pay for the service on it.

What should i have done to check if it worked? come on im sure one of you that dis people that has problems with menards has a answer for me, im sure you work for menards too because who else has time to comment on how wonderful menards is.Has anyone bought lumber from menards an also bought lumber from home depot? Menards lumber is the worst.

Come on now all u *** go ahead and say something about my statement how my grammer an spelling sucks and how wonderful menards is. if you look all over the internet there is plenty of disapointed people also look at what menards bbb rating is its an F the worst rating you can get!!!!!


I was a Manager at Menards for over ten years and the ONLY contractors that menards hires are ones to work on their own stores. The contractor lists that are now located at every menards desk are there just for the guests convenience only.

That so you dont have to open a phone book or go some where else that builds their own pole barns and pay over twice as much. Contractors should have insurance and you should have a contract. NEVER PAY IN ADVANCE, if Ron wanted $8,000,then make him do that much in work, then pay. And for the person that put Rapid City's GM's name on the complaint, thats bull the first time that the person that bought the pole barn asked to talk to the GM they would find out who to talk to.

He is NOT hard to deal with, he is very respectable! TX

@dont blame Menards!

Never pay all labor upfront, but as a contractor there should be some skin in the game by both the consumer as well as the contractor. 30% down and the rest upon completion has always worked for me.

That way I at least recoup some of my cost if a consumer decides they do not want to pay, but I also can file a lean if they dont.

You have to trust your gut when dealing with people. Some contractors and consumers you dont want to do business with no matter how much the job is worth.


Well, Menards claims they don't reccomend contractors so thats why they are not standing behind this guy.

BUT, if they called the contractor for you and set up a meeting with them, I would go after Menards.

The General Manager at Rapid City is Mark Kerr, he would be the guy to ask for. He has been around for a very long time. He is a tough guy to get along with, and probably won't budge on much, but it is somewhere to start.

Don't expect much though, the managers at Menards are trained to get out of sticky situations.


Forrest put it best when he said "*** is as *** does". I'm suprised anyone that careless even has a place to put a barn. :roll


If you were smart you would have gottenbids for the work and checked references. Wow. Spend that much money and leave it up to someone else.


If you have a contract with the subcontractor, hire an attorney and file for breach of contract and damages. This is the only legal action you can take, Menards will only standby their purchases.

Good Luck


You mention fraud. Did you contact the local police department? I would try the local police or the states attourney before going to a website to complain.


menards DID NOT hire your contractor, you did. YOU chose to give this contractor money before they did any work. Menards has no "list of reliable contractors", and you should stop complaining, this is YOUR fault.


Pretty typical. The customer never takes the blame.

They always have to try to pin it on the store.

Grow up, you were the one who made the *** mistake of paying them up front. :cry