Muncie, Indiana

Here is a letter it wrote to Menards corporate office because I was so humiliated.

Yesterday Thursday the 29th day of August 2013 I was humiliated by your staff in the Muncie Indiana store around 9:45 am I walked in went to the back to sign up for the truck giveaway and looked around a few minutes then I bought two cases of water, well, as I was just checking out one of the girls just in front of the register asked to look in my bag that I carry my medicine and iPad in. I need my bag for my medicine etc. I told her no and what was the reason? She said just to look so I finished paying for my water then walked towards the customer service desk and I saw the same girl and told her I want to record this conversation then she just walked by so I saw two men at the service desk and one man told the other to go ahead and look in my bag. As I was recording video of my questions to him I said what is the reason and do you checked women's purses and other people or do I look suspicious or what? Other people were looking at me like I was some criminal or a thief!!! Well I will tell you I was so upset I said that sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen to me singling me out for no probable cause!!! Furthermore I am an Air Force veteran during the Vietnam period and I am retired and was so insulted and embarrassed in front of other customers. NOT VERY HAPPY AT ALL!!! I have video of my conversation with your associate if you would like it?

Signed very humiliated and insulted.

Mark S Resler phone

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As others have said, you don't have to consent to a search. If they have evidence that you are trying to steal something, they'll call the cops.

Otherwise, they can't force you.

If they won't let you leave, call the cops yourself and tell them you are being illegally detained. When they arrive, show them your bag, and watch the security guy get chewed out by the cops.


If you would have read the signs posted on every door at every menards locationit clearly states if you enter the store carrying a purse bag back pack that they have the right to search it just like it also states that any cameras or recording devices are NOT allowed inside the store. Your lucky the employee didn't file charges on you for recording him while he searched your medical bag.

Also if you thought that was humiliating then you could have stood your ground and let the loss provension detain you and have you arrested for refuseing to show what you had inside your bag when you agreed you would by entering the store.

If you do not want someone to search your medical bag then do NOT ignore the signs posted on the doors saying there provisions. :)


This is hardly surprising. Meanrds will do whatever it takes to catch a thief then brag about it in our monthly magazine. They check every employees lunch box when they leave the store.

You did the right thing by saying NO, however, your lucky they did not try and detain you, then they hold you until you give in and sign something that you know nothing about. It's admitting guilt, a fine and finally a life time ban from the store.

I know it would be time consuming, but if this ever happens again stand your ground. You will end up being arrested for theft then you will need to go to court to prove your innocence. Sad I know, but this is the world we live in. It's surprising how little evidence a retail store needs to detain someone and then write them up a fine. Where I live the local Police are encouraging retail stores to handled thefts themselves instead of calling the police. The police say it's a waste of their time to be going to stores for minor infractions.


yeah, big *** deal. Security checks our lunchboxes every time we leave thru the yard or at the end of the night.


listen, you have folks like this notsayin, obviously an Obama supporter, talking up menards! anyway best thing to do is go to lowes or Home Depot. unless you like dealing with attitudes such as this ***, notsayin at all menards.

@Go to lowes

If you really think you know who I vote for,then you're an even bigger r*tard than I think you are.


It's illegal to record a conversation without consent from the other party, Plus recording devices are prohibited in Menards without their consent,it's private property. Take your business elsewhere,your huge water purchase won't be missed :roll



There are only 4 states that don't allow it. If one party consents, then thats all that is needed for audio/video recording. See Iowa code 727.8. So you are indeed wrong, and you can record in any Menards store until they say you cannot, and it must be the highest manager.

Now to the OP, at Menards they check bags going out by employees. This person sounds like a head cashier, and was ready to enforce her power because she is self concious. You never have to consent for your property to be searched especially at Menards, if you refuse, they can tell you to leave. If they have footage of you putting something in there, then they can detain you, otherwise you do not have to show them anything.


Don't expect any of the higher ups at Menards to see your complaint here. This is merely a site for people to vent on.

The complaints posted don't go to any corporate offices. What exactly does the fact that you are an Air Force veteran have to do with anything? Just because you served in the military doesn't make you above reproach.

Do you have to carry your meds and Ipad with you when you go into a store for a short period of time? It sounds suspicious to me.