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I worked at Menards for a few years in high school, as a cashier. Because I was a good worker, they started having me do computer work. But it was something that I was obviously not supposed to be doing, because the Manager (not just a head cashier) had to log into the computer for me. This became part of my expected duties, and I was not compensated for it. But when the store manager saw me doing it, he yelled at me. And so my manager told me I could only do it when the store manager wasn't around, but that I still needed to do it.

I was also expected to help cash out other cashiers at the end of their shifts. Obviously not something I was supposed to be doing.

They also reduced me to tears by screaming at me in front of customers and accusing me of helping someone steal. I had been working as "customer service" doing returns (with no benefit to me) for a while, and one day a person came to return a drill with no receipt. They only could get in store credit, and my manager signed the in store credit check due to the amount (I told him what was being returned). About 5 minutes later, the store manager came screaming at me about how could I let someone return stolen merchandise. I did not see the customer come from within the store, so I did not question his motives. There were about 10 people waiting in line at the time.

Then when had given my two week notice (I was leaving for college), they brought me into an office and showed me a clearly illegitimate check. It was a money order that had been typed over and altered and had been used as a check at my register. The amount was over $300 which meant that the check should have been initialed by a head cashier and they also would have to approve it on the register before I could have completed the transaction. However, there were no initials, and I did not remember processing the transaction. I did tell them that the head cashier regularly used my drawer to check out customers when I was on break. (They knew my passcode into the register, but when I voiced concern I was not allowed to change it.) They claimed they would be going through the video to determine if I knowingly took this falsified check. In the mean time I was fired. They never let me know what came of it.

I must say that my time there was not worth my effort!

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Yup, I am extremely sorry to have here of you having this experience.When i first started working at Menards, my *** trainer was very impatient and barely trained me at all.

Extremely unprofessional on his part and also Menards part for hiring such a dolt, He was a good worker though but most of the time i would see him lolly gagging to other employees instead of working constantly like i did.Menards is an ok job for a college student but it comes with its ridiculous hours and responsibilities.


Dont break anything .theyll garnish your check.what ***


I just discovered Menard's and I love it.So much to see and the prices are really good.

The issue is that I've heard quite a few people complain about how they treat their employees and that's precisely why I won't shop at Wal-Mart. I feel that if more of the buying public knew about how poorly Wal-Mart treats their people, maybe Wal-Mart wouldn't be taking over the world as we speak.

So I googled it and now I feel pretty sure I won't be shopping at Menard's anymore either.I may only be one person, but I know that it's the little guys who are keeping these companies alive and if someone doesn't stand up for them, then soon enough we're not going to be any more than a third world nation.....


I have been at Menards for 4 months. I am a college graduate in my late 30's who is between 'good' jobs. I had worked at Walmart for 6+ years and have plenty of experience stocking.

So I was rather surprised at how terrible they treat their employees. A few minor examples.

1) Girls getting written up for having flowers (the size of a quarter) on their Menards shirt.

2) Being made to buy a new name badge for $5 if yours wears out, just so you can have the privilege of punching in! :x

3) Being told to put Xmas merchandise on the lift, then a week later reprimanded for doing that.

4) Being told you can work extra hours (as long as its under 30) if there is freight. Then when you do this instead of getting a thank you for doing a good job, you get chewed out by your boss.

They make it very clear that they "Do not just give out raises" either. There is no performance based evaluation, at least not at the store I work at. Oh and the wage I get is just a few cents over the minimum wage.

Suffice it to say I will not be with this company much longer. Walmart treats their employees much more fairly, and pays much better. At Menards they constantly talk down in such a degrading way too… it really was a shock to me that they treat hard working employees like they do.


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


yes they still have instant profit sharing.

another thing i like about menards, is they treat people really well. Good incentives, great bonuses, IPS ect.


I have been at Menards for 3+ years and I really like it. To all of you on here who have had problems, it seems like your problems would have been easily solved it you would have just followed through with your complaints. I'm sure if you did they would have done something about it.

to employee Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #806907

Yeah, hard to follow through when management does not care, and in return badgers you for voicing the complaint, then spins it around to make it your fault in their eyes.Sights like this will always have trolls on them trying to talk their company up.

the only problem with that is how menards treats their employees is no secret in BOTH communities.He will get his.


Meanards is on some bull *** they just fired me after 2 years and wont give me my paystubs.... they *** me over on a job and unemplyment


Also, reading some of these comments is hilarious...If you have issues take charge, talk to someone, if they can not help, move up the chain.

Belive me Menards does not wanna take a complaint to BBB or affiliated association.

The main reason everyone gets crappy treatment or fired is because they do not stand their ground.

Do they still offer Profit Sharing?

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