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I was returning 2 bits of my dads , he sent one of his crew in and got the wrong ones ! He paid cash on that day.

So needless to say I came in to either exchange them or get the ones he needed or whatever was easiest without a receipt I gave the gentleman my drivers license he proceeded to process the refund and put my items behind the counter and hands me a receipt. Stating that I could call this number or email the email that was provided on the receipts and prove that those were my items. I asked him why I couldnt go get the ones my dad needed and pay the difference if needed but he refused to help me out at all I then asked if I can speak with another manager or supervisor he stated he was the manager assistant store manager and I explain to him that I do not need cash or I do not need store credit I just need to exchange them if needed for the right ones. I asked him what else there was I could do and he told me that he was going to call the cops on me and he was yelling in my face I am extremelyEmbarrassed and so taken by this far-fetched dramatic incident over to bits my dad paid for we shop in your store often for a lot of things such as those bitsAnd I do not have a history of buying and returning things with a receipt or without a receipt so I took his name and I took his phone number and I took his managers name or the person that was coming in next and I spoke with them this morning and his name was John and his from the Marshall Minnesota Store and when I spoke with him he told me that I am pretty much out of luck because one bad apple ruins it for all of us.

I was literally baffled by his explanation I asked him what that meant and he told me people like me shouldnt return things without a receipt.I explain to him it was a cash purchase and I also explain to him that all I need to do was get the right bits I wasnt trying to do anything but get the right ones for my dad and in the process both of your upper managers belittled me made me feel embarrassed beyond measure and I am very upset about the situation and I would appreciate something be done about it it is very traumatizing to be yelled at for no apparent reason because people like me havent got a receipt to exchange the things we need to get exchanged that we purchased.

I truly feel that that situation couldve been handled more professionally with a little bit more consideration for the situation but then again both of your managers did not do their job as a customer service person very wellBeing threatened with the cops yelled at in front of employees and customers I am traumatized . My items were stolen from me And I wish that I would have been able to allow him to just let the cops come because it cannot be legal for somebody to take your things because you dont have a receipt thats got to be against the law and I know it is so the gentleman that helped me stole my dads bitsAnd I really appreciate something be done about this ASAP it is quite a hindrance in a very emotional activity

Monetary Loss: $101.

Preferred solution: That both of those managers Attend a class or classes on how to properly handle a situation in a professional manner I want my dad’s things back that he stole from me.

Location: 1500 Boyer Drive, Marshall, MN 56258

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If they were paid for there should be a receipt. All you need to do is take it in and you will get your refund.


Just because another coworker left the receipt in his coat pocket and got misplaced, that gives the right to treat me as guilty until proven innocent and steal merchandise I entered the store with???


I guess you aren't really out anything then. I seriously doubt any business is going to reimburse an employee for a cash purchase without a receipt to prove they made the purchase. For all you know that employee just slipped the bits in their pocket without paying.


" For all you know that employee just slipped the bits in their pocket without paying. " Falsely accusing a customer of shoplifting based solely they were wearing a jacket in 5 degree weather and browsing in an area with merchandise in small packages easily creates a situation for a employee to be terminated or a lawsuit for false accusations. There are many news stories for retail store staff including menards rent a cops stopping customers at the exit only to find pocket change, keys and phone in the "suspects" possession.

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