Mason City, Iowa

This happened several yrs. ago but I saw this site and wanted to add this. I was at the Menard's in Cedar Rapids and decided on a Makita drill for my husband after getting help(?) from a salesman in the tools dept.. There was a large sign with the rebate offers for the different models. This particular model had a $40. rebate that the salesman went through with me and showed me the differences in the tool and the rebates.

It was more expensive than the others but he explained that after the rebate I'd be coming out ahead.

When I got home I noticed the rebate had expired by a week or so. I called the store and talked to the manager. I told him how I decided on the model and what guy helped me.

The manager put me on hold and came back telling me there was no sign and the salesman refused to admit he'd talked to me. I rebutted the sign was clearly in eyes view on top of the display. The manager's reply to that was, this salesman said he'd taken the sign down last week when it expired. I refused to accept these lies and told this manager I'd never shop there again and would share my ordeal with other consumers.

The store did absolutely nothing but tell me I could return the drill. I was so pissed and tired I took it back the following day and made it be known to all the others standing in line how badly the company had lied. I wasn't up to disputing it any further so I have just stopped shopping there.

I can't believe how these 2 men lied when they knew for a fact I was right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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Your a dumb ***. If you got a rebate on your receipt that means its still valid. It's not menards fault you took to long to mail it in


and that's why wives shouldn't shop at a hardware store for their husbands. just let him pick things out, and the situation won't get screwed up next time.

women i tell ya.