Dundee, Michigan
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that were not pleased with your company policy. wood splitter developed a leak after only four times using.

for being the third largest home improvement store, any other store would have taken it back no questions asked.not sure i want to pay for it now,because you refused to take it back because it had fuel in it.because of this i have to rent one now.

your employees don't know *** about where to send it for repairs. now i have to spend out more money to take it to be repaired an hour or more from my house.

Monetary Loss: $799.

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I love my forrest king! Going on 3 years with...25 cords at least. Starts first pull everytime


so you didn't measure your doors, paid 300 for them, they wouldn't fit so you took them back and paid the cashier at menards another 300. are you retarded???


I bet the cashier was confused as ***. lol "some *** just brought back doors, handed me 300, and went out ranting about how he loves home depot??" LOL


If u dont know what size door to order how is that memards fault? Let md guess....

u said i need a 'stantard door '?

All u dummies who walk in and say i have a standard anything need to just buy a simple measuring tape. THERE IS NO STANDARD ANYTHING!


See Reg (millwork) in the Mundelien IL story he will really treat you like ***, NO customer service skills he needs to go. HE won't take responsibility for any of his huge mistake.



what you don't realize is that if you take it to your local menard's service center they can fix it under warranty at no cost to you (as long as you do it while it is still under warranty.) Also if it is deffective or something that the service center cannot fix he will give you paper that says it is ok to return or exchange at menards.


Gas powered equipment is covered by a manufactures warranty that states the equipment will be REPAIRED. Either Menards or the manufacture can direct you to a service center who will repair the equipment under warranty as long as it has not been abused.

You haven't been ripped off. It's no different than buying a car.

If you have a problem with a car you get it repaired, they don't give you a new one or your money back. Take time to understand warranties and return policies in the future.


Now menards policy is stated clearly on your receipt. I have the same logsplitter as you.

22 ton. I love it.

Su can't always blame the company. U will know to look at the return policy for the item u buy especially if ur gonna spend $900 on it


Hey Buddy501

Welcome to the Growing number of Ripped Off Ex-Menards Customers.

I too was just Ripped-Off by the Menards Store in Mundelein, Il for the amount of $300

A salesman in Millworks sold me the wrong sized Interior Doors which would not fit and I ended up returning the doors and paying Menards $300 to take them back..What a Great Scam!

Home Depot would have taken back your Wood Splitter and my Doors with no problems. I was just too dang *** for buying anything from Menards.

Now I'll only go to Menards and get a Salesman to give me a Low Price Quote and then Run as Fast as I can to Home depot so they can match their price..Gotta Love Home Depot!!!