Massillon, Ohio

Background: I have bought no less than $35,000 in building supplied over last 15 months.

Situation: Menards had been good about customer service giving me a free delivery when the messed up on a previous order. I should have learned that they were not reliable.

I ordered new roofing which I had delivered, and they loaded part of my order on another truck. After I realized this, I called.

Delivery coordinator said we will have it out to you by Sunday at latest. On Sunday, she called and said there was a mix up, and they will overnight it to me and have it to me by Monday (which is when crew was putting roof on)...Monday, they say oh, it will be there by Tues.

Manager said there would be no compensation or customer service to make it right. Safety being the main issue. By missing some of roofing material, my crew will have to go back over 8/12 pitch roof and try to put closure strips and ridge cap after the job is done. Wasting time/money.

Also: delivery man took three pallets back which delivery coordinator had said they could do.

Manager only would honor 2 of them. Said "it is all I can do".

Plan: Take my business elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Conclusion: your full of *** and glad to loose another annoying customer


I would never spell lose as loose. The meaning of loose is not tight.