Rancho Cucamonga, California

I bought a security camera system around 2:40pm lane 4 drove home relized my receipt isn't with me Called the store on 73 & L street omaha nebraska.They informed me that they indeed f ound it n sumone tried to use my receipt And due to the criminal they did not detane I as a working citzen is out a receipt for my purchase .I want sumone to answer me and tell me why they even confirmed that I bought it .I will not let take this kind of treatment .I'm not a wrong person ..I work hard just bought a home.

And no one will help me.

Andrea K Meehan

402 953 8331

Thursday 2 , 2013

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Grammar schools must suck in Omaha


Why do you need the receipt so badly? Is it possible that you bought the camera then passed the receipt to a friend so they could pick up the same camera then give you back your receipt so you can return your camera for a full refund and keep the other one? You just sound a little too panicked about the receipt.


Andrea, the next time a short yellow bus stops in front of your house, get on it. Trust me, you need the help. :upset


Did someone rip up all of you text books in school too? Dear lord I can't gather what it is you are saying.


I would try and help you, but your English sucks and I can't understand what you are saying


If you paid cash and go to the front as mentioned previously, do it as soon as possible as it may be more difficult for them to track as time goes on.


Did you pay cash? If you paid by card you can reprint your receipt at the terminal by the front doors.

If you paid cash, ask them to review the tapes and reprint your receipt. Ask for the GM or AGM.


Let me understand. You either didn't pick up you receipt or dropped it.

Someone else found it and tried to take another camera with it. How is it Menards fault that YOU can't keep track of your receipt?