Vestaburg, Michigan
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I'd like to shop at Menard's more often. I really like the deals and discounts they advertise. Unfortunately, I can't. Too bad my money is not good enough for them.

I have acute osteoarthritis. I require the use of an electric shopping cart (Amigo). Due to financial difficulties and no insurance, I am not able to provide this equipment for myself. I can understand not spending the money needed to provide this convenience to their valuable/prospective customers. That is how they can offer those wonderful deals that I can't partake in enjoying.

I find it hard to believe the thinking heads at Menard's can't see the loss of revenue here. Lowe's and Home Depot don't seem to have any problem providing these carts for their customers.

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AGM, yourwastingtime, pinky and sad must all dumba** Chicago Cub fans. Keep your comments to yourselves!


You should go the menards in west allis. then you can walk your *** up the stairs, no elevator ***


You obviously dont have a problem getting around the rest of the planet. So shut yr *** mouth and quit b**ching


electric carts are a pain in the butt like you have no idea, every whinny or lazy person takes advantage of this when they are not needed. manual wheelchairs are provided and employees will assist when needed. so get off ur lazy fat butts and quit complaining.


the have wheel chairs. Either get someone to push you or have a store employee do it.


Whoever runs Menards doesn't knw what hanicapped means. The store I went to said they are not getting any carts. When they get older or something happens that they are disabled and have to use a chair then they will understand, How Terrible!

Aldi's won't get the carts either, and I ride a senior bus and sometimes it takes a while. And there's no where to sit. We asked about a bench and they said it would be to messy. How Cruel!

People don't care about anyone but them selves anymore.

God Help them.




our local store doesnt have an electric cart either, but store news is that one is on the way around new years, maybe that will be a start of something new for their stores. keep watching and keep complaining.


Tht's funny,because my store in Nebraska has one.


Store I have been i all say that the electric carts are on the way shortly. My wife needs them too!


go cry


they are getting electric carts very soon. Its either one or two a store.

I was complaining and the sales gal told me. =)


We're talking about a non-exclusive egalitarian brotherhood where community status and more importantly age have bearing whatsoever.