Cicero, Illinois

I was told that the Menards in Hammond IN was handicapped excessible. They lied!!!

I don't call one (1) electric cart and one (1) wheel chair handicap excessible. When I enquired why they only had one of each, I was told that "We have never been handicap excessible." Then when I asked who's in charge I was told "Mr. Menard" and we don't give out or even have his number. I find that very hard to belive that this man looked me square in the eyes and treated me like I was nothing.

Handicapped people spend money too and it's a shame that we're treated this way.

So thank your employee "Mr. Menard" I won't be back I'll be shopping at Home Depot where my money is appreciated!!!

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Who the *** cares about the handicapped?! It's not just Menards, its the world. Hahaha yes I'm laughing at you

retail worker 123

Believe me, Menards knows laws, they have an army of lawyers.....


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we will help to any guest that needs it, although due to how busy the store is it make take a little bit, but at the location I work at, if you need assistance and the wheel chairs are all occupied, we can get your items for you, or we will push you around in a non-motorized wheel chair to help you shop. all you have to do is ask.

but i do have to agree with others also, if you need a wheel chair that bad, you should probably own one of your own. don't yell at the innocent cashier by the doors, WE ARE THE ONES WHO SUPPLY THE WHEELCHAIRS AND WE ARE NOT THE ONES USING THEM SO THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO YOU!!!!!!!


At the start of this year, bigger Menards stores tried the electric carts and it was then spread out to all the stores. We didn't have them before because it's too much of an insurance issue in a store that anything can go wrong in.

If there wasn't any chairs there, they where in use.

we all have them. Stop being such a baby.


I find some the previous comments very disturbing, heartless, and perhaps slightly uneducated. My husband has MS and is far from being "fat and lazy", however, a scooter is a must as he cannot walk around the store. Maybe the ones that have commented in such a crude and ill manor should "walk" in his shoes for just a moment and then you just might change your mind.


Go pay double the price for lesser quality items at home depot because you can sit your fat rear in an electric scooter. They are a convieance to have not a law.

Just because you are to lazy to walk your rear around don't take it out on the store. Lose some weight and you would need the cart lazy ***


There are no laws that require any store to provide electric carts to guests with disablities and when a store actually does carry the carts to people who use them are not actually handicapped but too fat and lazy to walk around the store on their own. And it regards to the phone number there actually is not one for guests with complaints to call that is why their provide the comment cards that are absolutely free to send up to the general office!


Company might want to check out the Civil Rights act... Under Americans with disability Act... It is breaking a law


Maybe the guy's a Republican. "Business is business," right?


hey wait Justice1982, being disabled is not a guarantee for a mobility scooter. I bought mine 6 years ago, at my expense.

{one was prescribed 11 years ago, my big head said I didnt need one then} Stores don't need to supply handicap aids, not by law anyway.

Good stores which want to promote their business will supply aids to help buyers. My local Menard's just got their first scooter and I use it regularly


So if you are truely handicapped, you would have your own electric cart or wheel chair. Having a wheel chair and no steps into the building DOES make a business handicapped ACCESSIBLE. Having an electric cart is a CONVENIENCE, not a right.


i dont blame you. :roll