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Menards is the only one of the "big three" that does not honor our country's Veterans. The others do with a 10% discount.

Menard's return policy is horrible and their rebate system is even worse. They rarely give money back on returns and usually offer in store credit.

This is a new Menards and the last time I was in, I tore a new pair of dress pants on a metal burr on one of their carts. Nobody in the store seemed to care.

I steer clear of Menards when I can!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $58.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Hate their rebate system and return policies.

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Another entitled veteran... Honestly you people act like you were forced to join the military.

You also act like you joined simply to get a 10% discount...... My entire family is in the military and they take major issue with you cry babies. They're highly offended by your type. I've had friends who are in the military again they do not like your type, it belittles their career.

Crying on the internet about a 10% discount shows your weak character. Why do you deserve a 10% discount more so than other upstanding individuals? Police Officers don't get one. Doctors don't get one.

Fire fighters don't get one. EMT's don't get one. Teachers don't get one.......... I can continue if you like.

The majority of the people who join the military do so because it's an easy job to get and they lack the resources to go to college.

Resources count as intellect and finances. In this day and age it's rare someone simply joins because they want to be patriotic and defend the country.


Thanks for your input. I also am a veteran.

I also served as a fireman - I refuse to shop at Kroger's, Lowes, Home Depot, or any other retail outlet that refuses to give me some sort of discount because I CHOSE to be a firefighter!!! As a matter of fact, I walk everywhere because no one would give me a fireman's discount on a car. I don't have cable or satellite because no one would give me a fireman's discount.

Get the picture??? Thank you for your service, but you expectation of a discount simply because of said service speaks volumes to what is wrong with our nation today.


If you are getting store credit it is because you are returning products without a receipt or have had the product sitting around your house for over 90 days. Products returned with a receipt within 90 days of purchase are refunded in the manner you paid for them.

Menards horrors all their customers with a fair price. That way no group gets neglected even though vets who served for a few years seem to feel more entitled than folks like police officers who put their life at risk daily over a life long career.


As a former marine I can tell you I save more shopping Menards. Thier ads are usually 20 pages vs Lowes and Home Depot.

Which is usually just is 2 or 4 pages and all the stuff says in fine print "everyday low prices". Which means it isn't even a sale.

Plus they tend to Jane lower prices every day. Since Menarda doesn't do contractor pricing meanin the average guest gets the same pricing as contractors.