Norfolk, Nebraska
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Purchase a Avocado Kamado grill from Menards last August and not I notice that the fire pit in broken into 3 pieces as of now. It is getting very hard to control the hear.

I took my receipt to the local Menards in Norfolk, Ne and they they told me that it was no longer in their system and could not get parts or even had a phone number of website to go to. They would give me in store credit.

But I want a grill just like I pruchased and they cannot produce one or parts. I will be very careful it what I purchase from now on at Menards.

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Products get discontinued all the time. Nothing lasts forever do dah.

retail worker 123

That would be called a seasonal item, that means the Menards changes their selection of product IN THE SEASON. If you want a retailer that sells the same things all the time, without refreshing their product selection, try shopping at Wallyworld.


I don't see your argument. You purchased a piece of junk then when they no longer carry that piece of junk you have a problem with that?

They even offered you an instore credit to buy something better and you basically said *** off. You're a typical tool that shops at Menards....