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I have ordered windows from Menards East in Wichita Ks, and they told me that I can pick up the windows on the 19 of March, when I came on the 19th they told me the date of delivery have changed to 24 of March, when I came on the 24 they told me the date was changed and now will be the 1st of April, when I came on the 1st they told that the date will be the 7 of March. Today on the 7th they told me that the date have been changed and will be the 15.

No one seem to care, they just ask me to come back on a later date. It is unacceptable

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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First of all the date on your order is and ESTIMATED delivery date based of information from the manufacturer. Don't go to pick up your order until you know it is in.

They will send a postcard or you can call and ask if it is in. That being said your order is getting too far past due. Ask the department manager to get their buyer involved with this order and get to the bottom of the delay.

Unfortunately covid is still causing delays in the supply of some materials. If there isn't a valid reason pursue a discount or the possibility of canceling the order.

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