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Menards advertise 11% percent off all purchases with a mail in rebate. First it isn't 11% off since you must purchase it at full price and pay sales tax on that price.

For example, you buy something priced $100 so you pay $106 with tax. You mail in a rebate, because you can't do it online, costing you an envelope and stamp, and get $11 off. Therefore paying $95 dollars (minus postage costs). If the rebate was instant you would have paid $89 plus $5.34 sales tax or $94.34 so you pay $0.66 more because of the mail in rebate (plus postage).

Second, if you purchase and item online to pickup in the store they won't give you a receipt to mail in.

When I asked for one I was told to get one online, when I explained that I didn't have a printer to print one out I was told to go to a library to get one printed. You need a paper receipt to get the rebate and the store would not provide one.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I sent my receipts in July of last year and did not receive any rebate . The receipts were quite a bit of money because I bought materials for replacement of part of my roof .

If I knew you would not send me a debate I would have gone else where . You need to stand by your advertising . My name is Barbara Kealey .

My address is 300 Ash Parkway , Westville Indiana , 46391 . I hope to hear from you about this matter.


i jot a frige n0 11% off rebate


When you redeem the $11.00 credit check they don't charge you tax on the $11.00 worth of product you get.


It’s not Menard’s fault you don’t know what ‘rebate’ means, or ‘merchandise credit check’. You’re acting like Menard’s withheld information about their promotion when in reality they have always been upfront about it you just never took the time to read 2 sentences of information about it.


whats the matter with you people go to lower then *** about how you were treated believe me they won't miss your whiny ***


So based on this you don't object when you are disrespected by a merchant but it bothers you when others complain when they handled improperly. Actually the best way to correct this is not to stop shopping at Menards but to send in every rebate no matter how small.

They are banking on their belief that few will send in the paperwork so then those who don't are still paying the full price.

They are assuming that their customer base is too lazy, stupid or incompetent to send in the forms. Based on your response, they may be right.


You thought you got a rebate on sales tax ?

Get real. Not gonna happen.

Unless you obtain a resale certificate and pay zero sales tax ...

Or order from a company with no nexus in your state to avoid the hated tax.

Too bad for our local merchants, but I order everything I can online from other states because I refuse to cough up an extra 6-8 % to the greedy state.


It wasn't my intention to get a rebate on sales tax. My complaint is that if the rebate was given at the register you would pay for sales tax for the lower price.

FYI when you buy online you are still required to pay local sales tax. Look at your income tax form next April.


Re: Menard's "rebates". After paying postage and your valuable time to do it, Menard's rebates are not cash.

You must use the "rebate" as a voucher at Menard's only. That really does suck . .

. Not to mention it takes about 3 months to receive it!!!


They make it pretty clear it is a merchandise credit check and not a cash rebate. The rebate forms also explain the 6-8 week delivery of the check.

No one is forcing you to use their rebates if you don't like them. You will still find their prices very competitive with Lowes or Home Depot.


Quit whining and just don't use it. We love it.


When you go to a store advertising 20% off, it's 20% off the product. Stores have nothing to do with taxes.

They are imposed by the state on the final purchase price of the product. If you don't like the 11% rebate, don't use it.

You'll still be paying a fair price. Those that use it just get a bonus to spend there latter.


You are not charged tax on the rebate when you use them since you have already paid the tax. So actually your next purchase you use your rebates on is tax free.


It is an 11% rebate. When you purchase items with the rebate.

No taxes are charged on the amount.

And the stores don't get the reciepts of online purchases. Hence why they did not provide it.


Actually they do have a receipt, when I picked up the item in the store the clerk had all the paperwork showing I paid for it, she just wouldn't give me a copy.

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