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i think they should get rid of their rebates. I have sent in over a $100 rebates and never received one of the rebates back.

Get rid of the rebates and just take it off the sale item at checkout counter. They hope the people will forget about the rebate and put money in their pockets. If there was a lowe store in my area i would diffently shop at their store instead of menards.

They would probably get more business if they would take away the *** rebates. Give the people there money that is due them and get rid of the rebates

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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They take forever to get back to you, or at least mine did and yes they are pointless.


All these replys are written by a menards employee at there corprate office. They know menards is terrible so they hire people to reply to the complaints to justify and or cover there actions.


If you have not been receiving your rebates you are doing them wrong. I have been doing rebates at Menards (as well as working there) for years and have never had any problems with it.

You can contact with any rebate problems.

As stated above Menards has nothing to do with these rebates. Are you sending it to the PO box and not back to the store?


Go to and go to rebates. You can enter your name and address and it will show you pending rebates and past rebates.


menards DOES offer a sale price...PLUS a rebate if you want to take 2 minutes out of your busy day to put it in an envelope!! If you are one of those people who "Never get them"...either A: you are sending them in wrong, or B: someone is stealing them either at the post office or from your mailbox!!! 99.9% of folks have NO trouble with their rebates....only a few idiots!!!


Actually menards doesn't have anything to do with sending the rebates out. another company does that for them so really the only thing menards has to worry about is having the slip up at their front counter that you can match up with the receipt to send in.

The other company is the one who is losing or not sending you your rebates.

also it takes about 4-7 weeks to get the rebate. it looks like a small post card in the mail, and there is a number you can call for a lost rebate.


everything has been done correctly. i could see if one didn't go thru but 7 rebates/ i don't think so.


We have been doing Menards rebates for years and haven't had any problems. You need to make sure you have the correct paperwork and mail it by the date they say.