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I'm a truck driver trying to make a living and the way they treat you at the back door is nothing like the way they treat. your front door every time I go home I usually end up going to menards in buying $600 or $700 worth of stuff. They don't care how long I have to sit wait even Though I don't make anything. And tell me it'll take all day to load a single trailer they don't remember the most important part without truck drivers they wouldn't have any freight to sell

I don't care what kind of company runs there's always gonna be a truck driver behind it somewhere

So do all your other people out there remember truck drivers are your friends not your enemies

Without hardworking truck drivers like me and many others of this country would come to a complete and utter halt.

without truck drive you would not have any fuel for your car the grocery store to run out of food and basically anything else that comes from somewhere else would be gone every product you take advantage of every single day of your life comes by truck at some point in time

So to all you people out there shippers consumers everybody remember this country runs because we have truck drivers like me and many others out here on the road that's what keeps our country running

just remember next time you're rolling on down the road or going to the grocery store or buying anything a truck driver had just taken it there to get it there

Just a truck driver

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At least I'm not a turd.


"Heartless" is obviously a johnny MENTARD employee!


What exactly is your point? If people were not there to unload it when you showed up you would be the one unloading it.

Now lets go a step beyond the unloading part to selling! You're more than welcome to sell it too because we all know from your post people selling it would have nothing to sell if it wasn't for you. You're the only reason anything gets done. It's all you!

Lets pat you on the back for a job well done!


Everyone does their part. You coming on here looking for and asking people to respect you more is SILLY ignorant and down right ***.