Toledo, Ohio
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MENARDS what a joke we have a home depot ,Lowe's and two lumber yards within 5 miles of this *** HOLE called MENARDS THEIR PRODUCTS ARE SUBSTANDARD THEIR ATTITUDE SUCKS while other company's appreciate your business MENARDS thinks you be grateful they even talk to you please do comparison shopping before entering the MENARDS gate to *** PLEASE GO AHEAD SHOP and when you find out your products are not what they say but you will find you actually paid more for SUBSTANDARD SERVICE and go ahead call their main office they wont even talk to you because IT MUST BE YOU NOT OUR PRODUCTS THAT WE OVER CHARGED YOU FOR AND MAYBE YOU DIDNT KISS OUR *** AS WE TOOK YOUR MONEY

Monetary Loss: $15.

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SECURE273 enroll yourself in a grammar class. IMMEDIATELY.


Dear secure273. You are an ***.


Ummm...actually, it's "sleight of hand"...


Hey! I finally figured it out.

I searched "*** lazy people who don't know how to read" in Google and this site popped up.

Must be why all the illiterate (that means you can't read or write....thought I'd throw you a bone) people end up here. It's "Slight of hand", dumb ***.