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Dear Menards,

My name is Eric and I live in Sedalia, MO. My family is all from Sedalia also. My father own approximately 20 rental houses in this area and we are contributing citizens to our hometown. Several of my friends are in the chamber of commerce here and we are proud of our new store here in our town. When the land was being developed on the west side of town here in Sedalia making ready for the new Menards we all became incredibly excited because this was an example of how our town was growing in a location where some of us have a strong investment with our property and businesses. We would make comments to each other about Lowes Home Improvement having some serious competition moving in. When the new Menards opened in Columbia, MO. opened I remember my father taking me for the trip to help load all of the merchandise he planned to buy. Some of the things on sale that he purchased were a folding later, several over the stove microwaves and some five gallon buckets of paint. Now we do not make a long trip to visit Menards because we have our own in our town and this makes all of us happy.

Approximately ten days ago I visited my local Menards to purchase a two inch trailer ball coupler but the shelf was empty where this merchandise was located but there was a coupler in a two and seven eights inch. I stopped a sales associate and asked if she could help. The young lady was very respectful and nice and furthermore, every time I have ever been in your store I have been approached by sales associate and asked if I needed any help. The young women used her radio to call for the person who was working at the department where the merchandise was located. They searched the computer for a inventory list and found that there in fact was three available in the store. After a ten minute wait the lady returned with bad news. The product that I needed could not be found. Although the inventory indicated there were three in stock.

Several days later my wife wanted to buy some gardening products. While we were at the store I decided to check the shelf. Sure enough my product that I needed was in stock so I purchased my two in trailer ball coupler at this time. I'm not sure of the exact date but I would say it was approximately August 8, 2010.

I bought this product for my boat trailer that I store at Truman Lake. It took me two weeks to finally get time to make the trip down to my boat. Unfortunately the coupler was the right ball size but the wrong diameter for the tube steel on my trailer. After asking my wife if she knew where the receipt for the coupler was I got some bad news. We had misplaced the receipt for my product.

I went back to the store and made my case about what had happened telling the customer service person this entire story that I have just told you. She indicated that I was only able to receive a partial repayment because this product was on sale three months ago. I told her that she could look it up and ask the sales associates with whom I dealt with because I was sure they would remember trying so hard to find the three couplers that the computer indicated were in store inventory. Next, the assistant general manager named Don Drake came to discuss my dilemma with me. I told him all of this information as I'm telling you. I could describe everything within several days by giving an approximate date, who I dealt with and even the register in lawn and garden where I checked out. My story was scoffed at and Mr. Drake made me feel like I had come to the store with the intention of deceiving him personally out of one dollar and fifty cents. This is unacceptable for the fact of the amount of information that I was able to describe to Drake. He should have given me a full refund and made this problem into a win win situation but he did not. Consequently, he made me feel horrible and troubled about the legitimacy of my returning a product in perfect condition and unused from the store where I purchased it.

I have several degrees all centered in communication, marketing and customer service. From my professional view this was a terrible mistake and a misrepresentation on the image that Menards needs in order to keep the competitive advantage in this area. I am a stake holder in your company and the way you treat me dictates to the survival and success of your store located in Sedalia, MO.

Furthermore, I will not shop or casually walk through your store again with my family until I get a verbal and written apology from Drake.


Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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First off this policy is in place because people would just buy products on sale and then return them later saying they paid full price for it. Therefore anyone who is smart enough would have unlimited amount of free menards money.

Not a very good way to run a business. No offense but if you were as educated as you say you would have been able to figure that out.


just tell me that you actually sent a customer complaint form and didnt expect to get an answer from a post?? :sigh ...future hint: corporate pays graphically close attention to this stuff.

If you named names, they were reamed. Its ugly.


1) pay by card they can look up what you payed, and return it.

shut up loser

2) stop crying about it and grow a set.

shut up dimwit

3) take a tissue so your tears will not make a slip hazard.81214

shut up ***.


1) pay by card they can look up what you payed, and return it.

2) stop crying about it and grow a set.

3) take a tissue so your tears will not make a slip hazard.81214


You have a right to do that... but you have no right to judge me.

It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror... Horror has a face... and you must make a friend of horror.

Horror and moral terror are your friends.

If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies!


Yeah Custservcritic, you are a real big man all right. Saying horrible things to an eleven year old boy.

Beating your wife. Starting fights with those smaller than you. I takes a big man with big balls to say threatening thing to an eleven year old kid. (assuming you are not the same age and just posting this to get a reaction from us.) You are the winner and it is us that are loser.

It takes a big man to threaten eleven year old's online and beat his wife and threaten his own children.

Shame on you. I bet if you met any of these people online(except for Zachary since he is smaller than you) you would run and not carry through with your threats.


Oh *** Zachary, I would like to find out where you live and set you straight. When you go crying to mommy and daddy we can see how much of a wimp you are and how little of a gentleman you are. Huh, crying to your mommy and daddy when I break your puny 11 year old legs would make you a sissy a ***. However you are lucky for two reasons.

1. I am on probation, which means if I hit another person I could go to jail and face a criminal record.

2. I don't know where you live.

Otherwise I would show you what a *** you are. Just like all these adults who posted here. I am more educated than you so shut the f_u_c_k up.


I am 11 and more of a gentleman than the pesron that wrote the letter. Hopefully his wife divorces him for beating her and takes the kids with her.


For being "well educated", you sure do some *** things. Whether its threatening violence, or actually doing something, and to your own wife, physical violence is childish, no matter what spin you put on it.

Frankly, you deserve to be in jail for "setting your wife straight". If you lack the control to refrain from being violent with your wife, then really how educated are you. I dont care how many degrees you may have, if you're not smart enough to keep you cool when things get heated, then you're an *** in anyones book.

Furthermore, you should be lucky you got anything back. Most stores dont allow any sort of return without a receipt, and some stores that do only allow an even exchange, meaning same exact item (the upc code on the product has to match, number for number).

So without the receipt in most places, you dont get any sort of refund, you just get to take home a new identical item to the one you just had. So Menards no-receipt policy is actually pretty lenient, considering you were able to get at least a partial refund and you were able to use that to get the correct item you needed.


Al, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter.


Looks like junior tucked his tail and ran. Recess in school was probably over and mom won't let him play on the computer at home.



I don't think you have to worry about finding out where we live junior. There's enough info in your pathetic little post for us to figure out where you live. And living about 30 minutes from Sedalia I just might have to take the short drive North to see if you can "tear me a new ***".

Of course I'm sure you'd need mommy's permission to come out and play, but I'd take that chance.


(I love people who post fake *** just to get reactions - it's rather humorous)


1492. you are a ***!. They can see how much I spent at the store, but they won't know what I bought so that will not work. Stop pretending you know how to do things because obviously you are less educated than I am. Besides ***, I bought other things there and they can't prove how much I paid for the cobbler. You are ***. You need someone to tear you a new ***.




Making a big deal over #1.50. I understand you say it is not about the money but the princple of the matter.

However you did not have a receipt. You should be happy with what you got. For someone who is well off you sure make a big fuss over $1.50. It is usually the well off people who are stingy.

Now if you had your receipt you would have gotton your full amount back. You dont have proof of payment. I can do the same thing and describe in good detail who served me the register ect. That does not prove anything.

I very much doubt that the person doing the search for you remembers you. Just from your attitude you think you are better than everyone else and the rules don't apply to you.

Many store shave this policy. Grow up.


I told my wife if she ever shopped at Menards I would divorce her. I told my children if they ever shopped at Menards that they would live on the streets and would not be allowed in my house.




You are all a bunch of *** Stop replying to my letter okay. You are idiots and have nothing positive to say. You are all less educated than I am. I would like to tear you all a new *** but the pigs who you consider law enforcement would arrest me for assault. I know it has happened when my wife called them on me because I had to straighten her out. The wimpy associate from Dillards did the same when I challeneged him to a fight in the parking lot. He did not want to fight instead he called the police on me who told me not to return to the store. Boy I would love to find where you losers live. Shut up you losers.




You should be glad they are giving you any sort of refund due to the fact that you were careless and did not have your receipt. In the future have an adult take care of your receipt so you don't lose it.


It's folks like you that have caused me to use all of the money set aside for my kids college on booze instead.

Wow - you got several degrees - so, you still come off like a "priviledged" ***. You buy something, discover 2 weeks later it's the wrong part (those degrees worked for ya there, didn't they), no receipt and then expect them to bend over backwards to give you dough.

Should have taken Common Sense 101 while you were getting your degrees (of course I'm not sure if the U of Pakistan Mail Order Degree Program offered that class).


Let me start by saying I paid full price and that is what I got back!

I think what really pissed me off was that I was dealing with the assistant general manager and he was less educated than me. In a dyadic group atmosphere I would have torn him a new ***. Consequently there were two other people in the dynamics of this debate and thus, forming a small group even though they were not participating. I spend 1.25 on a bottle of pop this was not about the money but rather the principle.

I have several degrees dealing with this man’s type of work and this also probably added to my frustration. Menards spends a lot of money on good publicity and this man was destroying the hard work that a lot of professionals in or hired by his company were paid to do.

I am a stakeholder in Menards because they are in my community and his weasel attempt to screw me was an error on his part. His poor communication both verbal and nonverbal demonstrated to me that he was not qualified to have a real debate with a person of my education level. As well, any good manager that was looking dead at the facts on his inventory system would have created a win-win situation and not tried to deceitfully try and rip their customer of for $1.50.

Today in inventory control most major retailers use an electronic data interchange. This man was standing at his computer trying to make a weak attempt to rip me off he knew it! I’m sorry I may have been born at night but it was not last night. How many two inch trailer ball couplers where left approximately ten days after I bought mine? Two! Because there were three and I bought the other one. This man Was a Rip Off Queen #%^&*!

Sincerely ,




did you use a credit card? the stores have computers to scan your card and you get a receipt for the last 18 months of purchases you made at the store