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I think Menards uses the rebates for:

1. People don't bother to fill out and go through the paperwork, mail, etc. So, they sell the product at the list price.

2. The sales agents don't seem to be very helpful in tracking your rebate - that is if you bothered to send it in. They have told me, ".. you can look it up online..." that is a lot of help!!

3. About half of the time you don't get anything back - that is if you bothered to send it in.

Bottom Line - I would rather go to Lowes, use their credit card and save 5%. I HATE their rebate and will not shop Menards, if I can help it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Menards Cons: Rebate program.

  • Menard Rebate Program
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Menards Rebate program is one of the worst ever. First you have strict time limits, then trying to find it online was a nightmare...

have to manually sort through all their rebates to find the one you need, which I did not find... then I had to create yet another account to use their email system... they did reply back, however just referred me going online again... totally useless...

never received my rebate either...

menards stole 45.00... NEVER AGAIN!!!


It breaks down to this no one at a store location can look anything up for you. They simply do not have that information available.

We would love to if we could trust me. Being trampled and treated with disrespect and anger every time a "guest" comes to us with an issue about a rebate makes us want to pull our hair out we try we really do but we have nothing to do with rebates.

Rebate International is the company that handles the rebates. You can contact them on there website below to track you rebate.


The whole purpose of the Menard's rebate program is to make customers come into the stores as often as possible. If you went back to the store to find out where your rebate was, then it was effective in their minds.

Why would they help you track it? Same thing with rain-checks if they give you one. Do you think they will ever call you to let you know the product came back in? *** no!

They want you to physically come back into the store and find out for yourself. Their whole marketing strategy revolves around getting people into their stores as much as possible.

They have just fine tuned their rebate, rain-check, and return policies to help that marketing approach.


1. If you don't want the rebate, no one is forcing you to send it in.


Their employees can't look up your rebate. If you are adult enough to send in a rebate, you should be able to go on-line and check your rebate status.

3.If you send it in properly (include required receipts, properly filled out rebate form, on time and put postage on the envelope) they should receive it. If you haven't returned the product or received a price adjustment they send the rebate.

Do realize that the credit check they send is a post card. Don't overlook it and throw it away.


its way to much work. just give the discount up front jeeze.


It's so simple. Takes like 10-15 seconds to fill it out and then just stick it in an envelope. I love getting free money in the mail to spend at their stores.


The rebate program is very simple. Buy the merchandise.

Fill out the forms and mail them in with the rebate receipts. Wait for the rebate card to arrive in the mail. It is extremely simple to look up your rebate status on line, assuming you know how to use a computer. I have always gotten my rebate and I keep track of them all.

Free stuff is great. Yes, I know it is to draw customers in, but I shop there anyway. Also, they do count on some customers being too lazy to send the rebate forms in.

But whose fault is it then? Lazy will always be lazy if there is no reason to change.