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I asked at the service desk where to pay for 15 bags of mulch so I could drive to the back to get it. The woman said, "Go to building supplies".

I went to building supplies. He didn't take my money, but issued me an invoice for 15 bags. I asked him if I paid him. He said, "No, go out to the garden center and pay." I asked if someone was out there.

He said, "Yes, there should be." I went to the garden center..noone was at a I had to walk around to find someone unloading tell me.. "No, there wasn't anyone at a register, I'd have to go back inside to pay. So, I went back inside to the check out and paid for my mulch. I was told to drive around back.

I went to the original service desk and told the supv.."That was so ***...I had to walk all over the place to find someone to take my money. Why didn't the guy at the building supply desk bill me and send me with my invoice marked PAID?" The woman replied.."I don't know if he didn't know..blah blah blah." I told her, "An apology for the run around would have been sufficient." I drove around...the man at the security shack told me, "Drive up to the end of the isle, the mulch is there..someone will be out to load it." There was mulch there...the man started to load it and realized.."Oh, I can't use this, it's for an order!" There was no other mulch there. He told me to drive to the store. I drove as close as I could to the pile indoors...went and got a cart ..and started loading it myself before the (at least nice) gentleman returned to help me load.

I won't mention how ridiculous it is that the wood screws and tools are separated from the wood products by lawn and garden, and food!! Seriously...someone needs to do some retail's about us, the customers...not the *** you want to sell us!!!

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It is lazy people like you who make me hate my job at Menards (I am in the process of looking for a different job) so many times people come in to ask where something is & I specifically tell them, might I add I am on a register & I cant leave my register otherwise I would show them where its at & then they respond "Oh thats way on the other end of the store I am not going to walk that far" And I even had one guy tell me to tell my manager that a certain product should be closer to the door so customers dont have to walk so far to get it. So *** dumb. People suck.


Please, you sound so lazy. The amount of time you spent complaining is twice what you would've spent loading your cart in the first place.


Sounds like a real winner to me


Next time don't be lazy! Next time go and load up the 15 bags and use the normal check outs!

That's what the smart people do! Instead you looked for shortcuts and ended up wasting a lot of your time, that is what we called STOOOOOPID.


Do you expect to pay for your steaks at the meat counter in the grocery store? No, they wrap the steaks and you take them with your other purchases to the check outs at the front of the store.

Bet you didn't find the seasonings for the steaks or the mushrooms next to them either.

You are one of the minority that doesn't understand how retail stores work. If the stores were so bad the company wouldn't be continually opening new stores rather than closing stores because they are doing things as wrong as you seem to think they are.