Columbus, Ohio

the general manager at menards in columbus ohio is a petty ***. he treats his team members like they are pesants begging for food on the streets of calcutta.

i have witnessed him lock the doors in the mornings on team members before the grace period ends which caused them to be late and later that day fired. the 24 yr old asst manager loves to send emails stating that team members are worthless and much worse than what i can say now.

what a way to boost moral A.P.....this is a terrible place to be employed. dont shop or apply at the columbus store..

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I know this is super old, but I have nothing but good things to say about the management at the Morse Road Menards. It is the "ColumBEST" store for a reason.

If it's true that he locked the doors on morning stockers before the gratuity period ends, they can just fill out punch form verifications and explain the situation. The cameras will prove whether they are full of *** or not when they say they made it on time. I quit to work my dream career, but Menards ended up being a pretty okay job for the year and a half I worked there.

AP switched stores, but I gotta say, I loved that he wasn't up guest's butts all the time.

He almost hit some people when he was on a forklift once. He was trying to back up with a pallet, honking his horn and everything, but three *** children came running out behind him causing him to *** to a stop, knocking things of the pallet. The parents told him to be more careful. He told them that they need to teach their kids to be more careful.

Parents of course were pissed, demanded a manager.

GM J wasn't there, so he just looks back at them and says "I'm right here."

Loved it. Mad Respect.


lol ap meaning aaron parsons thats funny when i worked there everyone was cool and the ones that werent i didnt talk to


You people's amuse me really hahaa..*** and moaning like this jimmy smack crack stuff is important..


Give the guy a break-It is hard trying to teach and train that many new people who know nothing about Menards their culture and how to follow the rules. The problem in Ohio is there isn't any discipline, even in the college system obviously


there is and aware number to call if harrasment like that is going on..


this is all BS


that is all true. the gm of the store broke the windows out one morning to break in the store because he forgot his keys, but fires people for doing less.