I love Menards and it is a very large store i was told that only (1) battery operated cart per store! I have a medical problem with my feet and cant shop as long as i like without a cart too much discomfort, why with a store as big as yours are only (1) cart? You need at least (4) per store!

Location: Morris, Illinois

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The ADA does not mandate that Any business provide electric carts or manual wheelchairs. The ADA left it up to the individual businesses whether or not they Want to provide Any type of wheelchair. These carts are provided as a courtesy.


Stores are not required to provide electric carts for disabled customers, let alone regular wheelchairs regardless of the size of the store.


I have multiple disabilities and was using the electronic cart in menards store last week. The battery died in the middle of the store and all the employees could do was either laugh at me or discreetly take phone pictures most likely with the intent to parody me online.

The only employee who spoke to me had the nerve to tell me if the cart is broken I personally will be held responsible.

Fortunately 2 customers who saw how the staff was treating me voluntary got a manual wheelchair from the front of the store and helped me move from the broken electric cart to the manual wheelchair. I filed an online complaint online to menards only to receive a prewritten form letter from "ray"


And why would they do such a thing? Something tells me you're either an entitled Kevin or Karen.

An entitled, professional PITA who thinks they own the staff. I'm guessing you finally got yours.

What did you want them to do, actually touch you? No one wants to do that in the best of times much less now.

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