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When you get let go from your job the asst. gm should have some respect.The moment i got let go he was calling other stores to fill my spot but he made some bad mistakes,see i know alot of people that work for menards so when he starts flapping his mouth calling me all kinds of swear words and that i was worthless.This is *** he shouldnt be in the position he is in and i will make dam sure he's not in it for long.I cant wait for the day i see him outside of work i have a few words of my own to say.

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West Union, South Carolina, United States #8811

you should never threaten someone in print. ***!

New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States #8267

What did you get canned from Menards for? Ha, you must have been late everyday, stole, or was just someone that was really, REALLY worthless.

It does make sense that you are upset for being fired, but there is no reason to keep paying you for something you are not good at.

Good luck at your next job. They could use a talent like you at Home Depot.

Theodore, Alabama, United States #4350

They won't find proof. I bet the GM has a different view of things....considering you have to be pretty worthless to get fired from Menards.

I bet if the GO looks into it, they'll discover that the GM not only does not deserve to get "let go", but deserves a raise for getting rid of the worthless piece of *** of a employee in "snoop". Good job, GM, and keep it up.

Troy, Alabama, United States #4347

A lot of hind in kissing to Mr. John Menard on here, and I think the new bleedblue166 is either ROBERTO or his little *** friend.

It is obvious who has their heads up whose butts. Menards isn't all it is cracked up to be as an employee or a customer, but all the chains have their faults.

No One is perfect. But I would say Menards is way down on the totem pole when it comes to respect for their employees, and when lieing to their customers...Oh sorry GUESTS

Waseca, Minnesota, United States #4031

Find the proper way to voice your complaint. If you have a concern, you will probably get taken more seriously if you avoid the language and tone above.

Because you were terminated, you will be mailed an exit review.

If you wish for your problems to be addressed, I suggest you change your strategy when filling this out.

Otherwise, with your approach and you comments above, it looks like to the causual observer that you have a real attitude problem and your release was justified.

Lake City, Minnesota, United States #3904

Send the GO a note, or fill out the form on

That is unprofessional, management will let him go if they can find prof.

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