Not only are we subjected to the stupidity of Menards management moran staff but we constantly get blasted by that mind controlling Jingle broadcasted by the Gods in Eau Claire. So, by the request of all the Menards employees that are subjected to this mind torture jingle in 12 States, 240+ stores, and probably have of China's population. I bring to you the employee version of this dilly of Jingle to you.

I have no Money. I have no Money. Because I work at Menards.

Low Wages, Deductions, PRD's wipe my check every week.

I have no Money. I have no Money. Because I work at Menards.

Up Yours John and Larry!

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wow lmao is it that serious that u have to *** about the jingle on the net.i hear the dam thing every morning and yea its kinda annoying but didnt think it was that serious!

and whats with the attacks on where people work? i know a guy that worked at mcdonalds worked his way up and is now making a 3 figure income.. j.s ... and not everyone is trying to get rich.

i got my job proudly at menards just because i wanted out of the house a few hours a day, money was not at all involed with it.not every situation is the same you should make sure your little exsistence is perfect before bashing some one else.


Has anyone ever told someone that they have to work at a job?If you dont like it, FIND A NEW JOB..

really not that hard kid.

I make $45,000 a year, without an education, working 40 hours a week (with unlimited overtime if i choose), can easily promote from within, get a $5000 check come instant profit sharing time, and quite frankly, have the EASIEST job in the world.I was in the marine corp for 4 years, and when you get paid $30,000 a year to get shot at 8 months out of the year, you learn to love the job you have when you get out.


Hey, hey!What's this I see?

I thought this was a party.LET'S DANCE!


you really dont notice the jingle. it always seems to cut into a good song tho, but doesn't seem to touch the crappy boy band songs


Did you find another job? Some people like the jingle and like saving big money.


you whiny dwarf. Grow an inch. Haha


Trust me, after a while you don't even notice it...unless it comes on during a decent song.

Parede, Lisbon, Portugal #54134

With your level of spelling, thought process, and general speaking skills, I understand why your K-Mart closed.Retailer4Life, I thought you knew everything there was to know about retail and more?

If you know so much, why did your store close? I mean, if you're that good, you obviously knew a way to keep it open.

That's pretty rude of you to not spread your wealth of knowledge to both your store and your company to keep those 385 stores open.I feel bad for those under you that lost their jobs due to your management prowess.


you managed a kmart??wow, seems like you're really going far with your life.

too bad you've already reached the age of 40 and are starting to go down the hill with ever increasing speed. are you going to be a walmart greeter next? i hear they opt for the elderly most of the time, so you're in luck.

generally, the people who complain about menards are inbred wastes of life, and unfortunately you are proving to be more of the same. also, can you define "sohomoric" for me?

i'm having trouble finding it in the dictionary, so maybe you can help me out with your superior mind.thanks!


Well, fella, if you're back from your date with Millwork marauder showing you his wood, I happened to manage a Kmart store that unfortunately closed in 2002.And, yes, to beat you to your obviously sarcastic comeback, they closed 385 stores in that first wave, so your LAME attempt at a joke here will fall flat.

I can tell by your sohomoric (moronic) reply's to people who do not like or have had a bad experience @ Menard's that you OBVIOUSLY KNOW EVERYTHING and everyone else does not.

So, is it safe to assume that you are not yet 30?(Most people in that age group do seem to think that).

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