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I was excited to see a new hardware store competing with Home Depot and Lowes when it arrived in our area. I have now done business with this location and am disgusted by the true lack of service I receive when doing business with this location.

Example: Online order for 6 x 12 x 8 pressure treated lumber.

The lumber was terrible quality, and because I wasn't taking that item, your staff thought it was appropriate to tell me to take my car already loaded with lumber to customer service on the other side of the store to correct the order. Really ? No, that is the staff's job to do.

Example: I purchased an exterior 1/2 light door with window that opens that should have a screen in it. Picked up on 6/6/21, installed on 6/15/21.

Discovered after the installation by my contractor that the screen is missing. So, how does Menards staff handle this? They tell me to run after the manufacturer to get the screen that should have been with the door to begin with. No, that is the staff's job.

Not the customer who spent over $360 for that door.

So, here is my response to Menards. I will be returning several items tomorrow from my last order and erreI will never do business with Menards again.

Your service is infinitely worse than Home Depot. You should be ashamed of this store.

User's recommendation: Go to Lowes or Home Depot.

Preferred solution: Staff should get the replacement screen. They have the product in stock and can easily provide the screen - or they can go do the foot work to get the screen for this customer..

Menards Cons: Unprofessional management, Rude staff.

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You are shopping at a big box, discount, self service store. Why are you expecting the service you would receive at a full price full service store?

Menards isn't well known for assisting customers with problems. There is a reason for their BBB F rating.


Service is expected at ANY store. Especially when the problem is caused by the manufacturer or the retailer.

How is it that people have become so numb to poor service that they accept it.

Poor service is not acceptable anywhere. It boggles the mind.


When you shop at menards you encounter sales staff leaning against their desks flirting with co workers, or staff who shout "thats not my job" then run off at the sped of light, instead of forwarding you to someone who can assist you, or will watch you from 20 feet away struggling to load mulch or pavers into a minivan while wearing a back brace. However they will falsely accuse customers of shoplifting only, to find empty pockets, or accuse you or any form or return fraud you can think of just because you're frustrated the item failed right out of the box.

Also they run an "11% rebate sale" for the past year and half where they take your payment right away but takes months to hopefully issue your in store credit. Vote with your wallet and support a business who appreciates the people who provide the staffing with a paycheck


Do you pull in to a self service gas station expecting someone to come out and pump your gas? Same principle here.

You are getting exactly the service you paid for.

If you are looking for someone to load your purchase you should be shopping at a full service lumber yard. The reason you pay more at a full service yard is that they have to pay staff to pull and load your items.


"become so numb" No one is numb to it. People who have lives don't trade in places they believe don't treat them well. They DO NOT return like LAME muppet like you


"store competing with Home Depot and Lowes" Translation I'm cheap and think "saving big money" means getting quality products and/or service... Fool!!


You are an idiot if you think bad service is acceptable. Keep going back to Menards and get treated like trash. Many of us who work hard for our money deserve better.


"bad service is acceptable" No, you little, weak whiny jelly. REAL men/women don't continue to trade at places that clearly hurt your little feelings.

We don't keep going back say "please sir, may I have another." REAL men/women with REAL hard-earned money, not the pocket change YOU covet trade at LOCAL hardware stores. We're willing to pay more for quality. We aren't stupid to accept junk equipment just for the chance to get a rebate. We get in, get our stuff and get out.

We don't look for the type of "service" you think the few pennies you spend entitles you to. We don't need a clerk to validate us and make us feel like we're someone like you.

I hope you don't have a mate that is subjected to your weak ego-based whining on a basis. You're pathetic at best.


I do not think you will be missed.


If this is how a retailer treats the people who provide them with a paycheck then I don't think the public will miss the store if they go under due to poor sales


Please keep going back. I'll shop where I get decent service. Oh, and the prices are the same or less.

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