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I want to start off by saying im a marine and im use to sucky work and terrible pay. Now menards may not suck as much as the marine corps, but as far as civilian jobs go, it is sub average.

I started off working in the yard. The amount of work i did for the pay i got was terrible. I would work 10-12 hour days out in the elements, and i would make only fifty cents per hour more than the front end people that sat up there and did nothing but scan stuff and take money. On top of that every day i would have to bring pallets for salt up to the front end and stack them in shelves while the wholwe time the cashiers would sit there and watch me work.

Ten thirty per hour is an insult. I make double that as a security guard at a hospital now and do half the work. not even half.

And what is with the two-three week lag in recieving your pay? I didnt understand it until it finally dawned on me. Its so menards always has your pay hanging over your head, so if you make a mistake you can be charged for it. Some guy in the yard broke my radio and they charged me two hunderd dollars. I said i would only pay that if i got the broken radio ( not because i wanted the broke piece of *** but there is a principle involved) and they wouldnt do that. So i said i would not pay them the money as its not my fault, and they said i had to. So i quite. And they still took the money.

And whats with them charging you for all the *** they make you take when you start the job? You have to pay for the *** blue vest and all the useless tools that they give you. The security job gave me a seven hunderd dollar gear issue and it didnt cost me a cent.

Thats all the venting im going to do now. But all in all... i would shoot my own foot to never work there again.

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You all sound pretty spoiled and scared to work. I served as well I don't understand why you would compare the two.

The reason they start your pay off low is due to turn over.

Why would they start anyone off that's not worth the money. It's called earn and deserve they pay the seasoned employees pretty well plus bonuses.


Well let me say the frigging dip *** that said about the marine an tax free money.have you put your life on the line for your country sounds like not so if it wasn't for him an others you wouldn't have the save ground to walk on ***


Thanks for the honest review, I thought about it as a supplement to my pension but I am thinking otherwise now.


This *** company is cheap as *** I'm a morning stocker and I only get payed 8.50 cashier dont do much and they get payed more that's some bs!!!


Hey, I just started working at Menards and I must say it's better than working at McDonald's, so I'm alright with it. But, I worked the past three weeks for more that 19 hours this week.

I was expecting a pretty good paycheck, and went to my bank to put some in saving. The deposit amount was $128!

Does anyone know what happened to my money for the first two weeks I worked there? Will I ever get that money?


Its on your card to clock in with. You can only use at Menard's tho that place is terrible


First of all Congratulations I am glad you checked out of Hotel California.. I have worked there for over a year.

Trust me the feeling of foreboding is company wide. God forbid you vent at work.. you never know who is listening.In the past 15 month I have worked there I have seen numerous firings (15) and demotions. (My GM and Department managers)Awesome people!

The people who should get fired or written up don't. It's sick I can't wait till I graduate and get the *** of of there....


No wonder you didn't last in the Marines. Probably pissed and moaned the whole time in. Be thankful you have a job diphit$.




Hey guys, how bout u let everybody do what this place lets u do.....complain. And leave eachother alone huh, dang, let them vent for crying out loud.


Dude your complaining right now. That's exactly what I did.

And don't complain to me about hot.

Try foot patrols all day in the Afghan desert wearing a full combat load. Until you do that shut you're mouth bro.


Menards and many other retailers now expect their employees to do more and more work for less and less pay. It is because their CEOs need their shareholders and themselves to get richer and richer, while the common employee struggles to live paycheck to paycheck while working 2 or even 3 jobs.

It is a way of life that most people don't understand. I am 22, have an associates degree and am less than 6 months away from my BS, and for the past 4 years I have been working 2 jobs in retail to pay for my expenses and schooling.

It is not an easy life, and seeing what others and myself have to deal with is a great inspiration to finish school. I am just hoping I can get out once the time comes.


Couldnt agree more with you Stueland. I started out at 8.30 an hour which is *** for that amount of work.

Im not one to shy from getting my hands dirty, but Menards is a joke. Id rather get paid the same at McDonalds doing nothing but pressing buttons on a screen.


George makes a good point. Low pay in the Marines?

You're lying.

All of your money is tax free and you make more then most teachers in the US who are doing a job that actually matters.Suck it up and tahnk god your in the US and not China where all your "work" would ne you 10 bucks a week. suck it up.

@***k it up

Ummmmmm Military pay is NOT tax free unless you are in a combat zone. And NO military pay is not as much as a teacher.

My exhusband as a Sgt in the Marine Corps with 13 years in was only making 1.35 an hour. We sat and figured it out one night.

As far as i am concerned with everything the military does they should be pulling in more than a politician. People need to stop crying and start being grateful they even have a *** job.


I see were you're coming from. The pay does not compensate the work the yard/receiving does along with some sale positions.

Always lifting really heavy items into insane spots. Oh yeah lets put that 200lb grill up onto the racking that is 6 feet high, oh come here now lets take it down for the guest. Let's stack that patio furniture sky high, oh now we need to get it down for a guest..... It's pretty ridiculous what some have to put up with at Menards.

I would never aspect a cashier or a front end person to understand they have the most easy job in the place. They also know the least about the products and where they're located and often make it extremely hard on sales associates when they give incorrect information.


I worked there for a long time and I see where you're coming from. You're not complaining, you're just telling it like it is so others don't make the same mistake and work there. Glad you found a much better job and best of luck in the future!


You must not be a marine George. We always complain.

And be thank full for my freedom? I spent seven months fighting for mind and yours in Afghanistan. I'm simpley saying that menards has to re think how they operate as a business.

And seven years cashier? Move on.


7 years and my smile costs $9.55 an hour, but you don't see me whining. Be glad you have a job, your freedoms, and opportunities.


I thought marines were tough and don't whine when things don't go their way.