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Hello, I was at your Wixom, MI store yesterday with my family. We went there to purchase six wall panels.

We asked a man in the lumber department how to get the panels to a vehicle and asked if Menard's rented trucks. He said yes, we rent trucks, you have to go to the service desk by the front door. I asked if we got the truck, how would we get the panels down and into the truck. He said that they'd help us but to get the truck first.

So we went to the service desk.

At the service desk, we asked the woman working there that we wanted to rent a truck and told me the truck would be due back at 75 minutes from the time she completed the rental form and advised me to go get the panels first, then come back and get the truck. So I went BACK to the lumber department, and talked to a different guy. There were about 3 or 4 guys all behind the lumber desk, by the way, and no other customers were present. The man I talked to this time was sitting on a stool and looked like he was not eager to get up and do anything and he really had a bad attitude.

I told him we were going to rent a truck and we needed to know how to go about getting the panels down from the rack and into the truck. He actually made a scornful face and said that we could get them down ourselves, "They're not THAT heavy!" or that he would help us. I told him that his help would be great and asked how we got the panels into the truck after that, did we pull up someplace in back? He said that usually people just paid and put it in their cars in the parking lot but that he'd take them back to the pickup area and load them for us once we got the truck.

I showed him the photo I took of the sign on the panels denoting the name, SKU, and price, and told him I wanted 6. He printed out a pickup slip and told us to take it to a register. My husband took that slip to the register and I went back to the service center to rent the truck.

There was a different woman there this time and she completed my rental agreement and told me the truck was due back in 75 minutes, which would have been 1:38. I told her we were going around to pick up some panels, and that might take some time, and she said, "The guys back there will put the time you leave on the receipt and that's when the clock will start." Fine, we drove around back, checked in with a guard to looked at our pickup slip and directed us to a parking spot in the pickup area.

There was sign in the lot with a phone number to call or pickup, so I called, someone answered and I gave him the order number and he said they'd be out in a few minutes. Fifteen minutes later, after other pickups had come and gone, I decided to go in. There was a cart with 6 panels on it but they were not the type I bought, and I knew that there had been a mistake in pulling the panels and also that the cart had been abandoned and forgotten as we sat outside, waiting. I asked a man to help me and described the situation.

He made a call on his radio and didn't seem to get any help so after a few minutes (20 minutes had now elapsed since I rented the truck) he got a cart and said he'd get the panels for me. I told him how long we'd been there already and asked if he'd put the time we left on the rental receipt. He told me the guard at the gate would do that.

We started toward the panel area and as we arrived I saw the guy who had given me the pickup slip, the scornful guy, was already there, lugging the correct panels down (with some difficulty--they ARE heavy and unwieldy after all). I thanked the other guy and he left and I approached the scornful guy, "Hey, thanks, we're out back." He tells me, "You told me you wanted the cedar." I said What?

He repeats himself, then adds that that was what had been in the photo I showed him. I pulled up the photo which is very clearly a sign saying HONEY PINE and reminded him that I also had given him the SKU. He actually denied this and pointed to a corner of the photo frame which showed the edge of an adjacent panel on the shelving that happened to be cedar. I said, "OK, so even though the Honey Pine has a different SKU and the center of this photo is the HONEY PINE label and somehow you are now here pulling down the correct panel, you think I told you I wanted Cedar?

Are you messing with my mind?" It was bizarre--the only explanation I could come up with is that it was a some kind of deadpan humor that he was just taking too far. After he lugged all 6 panels down he pushed them toward the delivery area without speaking to me at all, pushed the button to open the door, and shoved the cart out without a word and turned and went back inside.

My husband and I struggled to get the panels into the truck ourselves and finally left and arrived at the guard shack, whereupon I presented him with my receipts which he scrutinized, and I asked him to please put the time on it. He said he wouldn't do that. I told him I'd been told by two different people that someone back there would do that and that it had been a half hour since we'd rented the truck already.

He again said he wouldn't. I took out my phone and recorded me asking him if it was 1:03 and he said, Yes, it's 1:03 right now.

We drove home, unloaded the panels, and I drove back to the store. A woman I hadn't spoken to before helped me and the first woman was there also waiting on other customers. The woman helping me took an extraordinary amount of time to process my return and did the whole thing without addressing me, answering questions I had, one of which was, "Oh are we moving to this other register now?" when she walked away from me, and when I followed her despite her ignoring me, I saw that she was actually working on some other transaction for another customer who was not even present!

Finally she retrieved my paperwork, and did some math on a scrap of paper to arrive at the mileage, and presented me with a return of $40 and some change. When I told her by my math it was actually $43 and change, she told me it was "in the computer" and she couldn't change anything. I said, well, what is it showing you that's itemized to account for the difference? The other woman chimed in and said "It's because she went 15 minutes over." I said, I was in the pickup department for half and hour and the woman I rented from told me the clock would start when I left." She said, "I TOLD YOU THEY WOULDN'T DO THAT and that the clock starts when you rent the truck." This was true; she was the first person I spoke to about renting the truck but then both the guy back in lumber AND the lady I actually rented the truck from told me that they WOULD do that, so I told her that, and she kept repeating it, talking over me, and then directly addressing the woman helping me she said, "Michelle NEVER would have told her that!" So at this point in my Menard's experience, I have been accused of LYING by two separate employees about two different topics.

It was unbelievable, as I have no knowledge of how any of these things work and got 100% of my information from store employees, who are clearly in disagreement with each other about store policies on top of being incredibly rude and poorly trained. I worked in retail for years and their behavior was just awful. When I told the woman checking the truck back in that I was not paying for the xtra 15 minutes she finally made a nasty face at me, pushed some buttons, and told me she was putting $53 back on my card. This was plainly to make me go away, not to make me happy.

There were a lot of other customers around who witnessed this. I was totally outraged by the entire experience. I've been to Menard's several times before and have never encountered anyone like these people.

I'm not inclined to go back to any location, ever, and the whole thing was just astoundingly bad. I'm very disappointed.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 10400 Assembly Park Drive, Wixom, MI 48393

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If you couldn't get the panels, put them in a cart and load them in the truck how on earth did you get them out of the truck when you got home? Who is going to get them into your house and hang them? All you problems could have been easily avoided if you had just loaded the panels like most do-it -yourselfers do.


I asked the employee what the process was and he said we could do it or they could do it. He had a difficult time getting the panels down and struggled quite a bit, as did we getting them out of the truck at home.

I understand your questions and we do a lot of DIY but I’ve never gotten anything this large or unwieldy nor rented a truck from Menards and asked employees how to go about it.

Us loading them ourselves would have been fine had the advice consistently been to do that in front rather than two employees telling us they’d take them down and load them for us. Thanks for your reply.

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