I was at your Hammond 123* ***th Street Store Hammond, IN 45320.

I asked the associated Vanessa if you all had any firepits she replied no!! I said do any other Menards have any she replied no!!..

so mentioned about online...Three associated all said that you didnt have any they were at the work station for garden.. so, i walked away, I said to myself i guess i will have to shop elsewhere, so as i I walked around i saw the firepits you had 7 in stock, so i proceeded back over to the young ladies, to tell them that you do have the firepits, then I ask to speak to the manager, If the associate would just take out a little time to assist the customers then I would be complaining to you for unsatisfactory customer service...Normally , when customer service is poor the company lose me as a customer, because the situation could have been handle differently, she didnt attempt to look for the product...So sad everyone want a paycheck, but, dont want to work for it...Very unhappy customer, I do spend alot of money at Menards, if im going to be treated this way, I will not be returning to your store...Your associate are not friendly either....



User's recommendation: If it's a product you're searching for look for it yourself..

Location: Lansing, Illinois

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Today I was told by the Normal, IL manager, Dustin, when I told him I've spent over $10,000 at the store. Dustin's reply was, "we have lots of customers that spend more than that, why do you think I how much money you've spent? You don't impress me in the least, now will you just leave the store or do I have to call the police".


Back in the day when John's brother Larry ran the stores employees were expected to great every customer they encountered. If they were looking for a product they were expected to walk them to the product.

When Larry retired things started slipping. Today it is extremely rare for an employee at Menards to even acknowledge you. They also used to have the best price in town. That is gone as well.

Don't be afraid to shop local. Prices at local shops can be very competitive and sometimes slightly higher but you will find the service at these stores is superior to what you find at Menards.

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