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We are remolding our kitchen and ordered a counter top which is normally in stock. I was told it would be in on Monday the 17th.

I called on the 17th and was told it would be in that evening. My husband went in to pick it up the morning of the 18th and was told it wasn't in and they weren't sure when it would be in since it was an independent truck driver delivering it. We had to get a refund and drive 60 miles to another Menards to pick up our counter top.

Along with that Cody who was our customer service at the time we placed the order was so rude to us that my husband had to walk away. We will never again shop at Menards for anything and will make sure to tell all our friends how terrible customer service is in the Kokomo Indiana store!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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First off, I work at this store and I can assure you, you were not told your counter top would be in on an exact day. We do not guarantee the delivery dates of products EVER.

Your special order contract even states “Estimated date of arrival”.

Secondly, the team member you are referring to has zero to do with counter top orders. You need to re-evaluate your story.

@The Hammer200

So you work at this store. Great.

Do you have a tracker on Cody? Someone took the time to figure out the name of the person helping them, and your response is, "Nope, Cody doesn't do countertops." I think you are in the wrong here, not the customer.


You must have problems reading or you don’t understand the English language. The consumer needs to accept responsibility in reading the special order contract on estimated delivery dates. As for any rude behavior by an employee, highly doubtful this incident took place.


It was probably in the next day lol


All the employees at the store can tell you is what the computer shows for an expected delivery time. Usually trucks coming from their distribution center are fairly close to what the computer shows.

Unfortunately from time to time you will have delays due to problems with the truck or a driver that runs out of time and has to take a federally mandated rest break. One thing you learn over time is that until a truck hits the dock and the employees can actually put their hands on the product don't make a trip in to pick out up.