Washington, Illinois
Customer service

I have had enough! The store in Washington Illinois must have a policy of letting teenagers run the place.

It is not working. My project involved approx. 500 dollars worth of material. I had purchased a bag of galvanized nuts for around 3 dollars and when I got home the bag of 65 only had 33 in it.

I attempted to return the bag,with the intention of purchasing another 200 dollars worth of items and had a young manager tell me since the bag left the store there was no way she could exchange or provide me with the correct number of nuts I had already paid for. I have a commercial account that I quickly terminated as I will not shop at a place that will not attempt to right a simple situation. They lost my business and a approx.20,000 dollar a year account all over 3 dollars of nuts.

The entire management staff looked like a high school cheerleading squad. I will readily drive twice the distance to shop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Most people looking at a clear plastic bag could get a rough idea that half the bag was missing when you picked it up. You should have grabbed another bag or asked for a discount before you took it home.


Huh. This is just poor customer service.

Menards won the battle but lost the war in this guy's case. Most people are not going to bother to come back in over $3 worth of something and take a chance they would lie and get caught. Now if he tried to bring back a bunch of half used saw blades, or half a couch, that would be different.

This is just not good business with a customer who has a history and they know he does because they track all that stuff.


Your absolutely correct about the way customers are treated at MENARDS. I will never darken the doors of the anderson store as long as the current store manager is there.

When they couldn't care less about your business it is time to leave, I also drive added distance to another home improvement store.

Don't need the frustration in my life. SHOP AT LOWES OR HOME DEPOT!


You can shop at Lowes or Home Depot, but they have the same type of complaints that Menards does. The problem is consumers are uneducated about how retail actually works and get's angry at the wrong people.

You're part of the problem. You need to wake up and realize you can be a better consumer.


Your a boot licking menarded employee. To bad you IQ reflects that.


Menards is a revolving door for management. Young, inexperienced people are put in management positions and are expected to learn as they go.

Unfortunately they seldom have anyone to properly coach them in their new position. It's easy to promote from an assistant department manager to a department manager. In all too many cases the only qualification you need is the willingness to relocate to another store or town. All too often they leave in frustration after being badgered by store managers for things going wrong in their departments.

They get very little training in what to do, little positive reinforcement or acknowledgment but plenty of criticism.

No wonder you find very few experienced people in their stores. The few that stick around for a few years can jump to an assistant store management position by again being willing to move to a new store, ready for the position or not.


We got one less problem without you

Thank you menards staff


Looks like Menards has hired some real jerks to respond to these problems, ones with IQ's of less than 50 that can not make it in the real world