Columbus, Ohio

Someone was complaining about working at Menards. So whats the secret to getting them to hire you?

I have applied several times to various positions and never hear anything out of them. The Lancaster, Ohio store gives you a phone number to some girl who is supposed to be their H.R. representative. This almost always gets answered by voice mail and you leave a message and get no return call.

The one time I actually got her to answer her phone and talked to her about an open position she said I would be called for an interview. I was never called.

I guess it may be because I am not the 18 year old kid with tattoos, Piercings, and wearing my pants around my knees. You see a lot of that in that store.

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Working for Menards is great! We have a way of doing things for a reason! If you didn't like it, it wasn't the job for you because I love my job to a T.

@That girl Ashly

Can you read? He doesn't know if he likes it or not because he hasn't worked there you freak.

No one cares that you are working for minimum wage and you love your job. I bet you are that twerp that retrieves carts from the parking lot and cleans the toilets.


Menards is actually kinda a decent job. I started at 9.50 just as a cashier.


Doesn't that suck? Not even being qualified to work retail? You must really suck


Shutup Chet. You sing the retail praises because you aren't intelligent to do anything else.


I have Tattoo sleeves and am a very nice respectful and loyal employee and hard worker, Menards has a very strict dress code and is a very friendly place to work. I think you are just salty..


Working for Menards is a joke and deep down everyone knows this. Even you general management and cooperate office.

If you would step out of your little menards world for 2 seconds and see how outrages some of the things you do on a daily basis are you would realize you have been brain washed by menards and that your common sense and how things function in the real world has been lost with your career.

Think about it.. i ve been there and until you step away you'll never notice it because a little thing called money plays a huge factor.


If you were ever a member of a union or had a career that is known to have a union you will not be considered for a position at Menards. They will not hire union workers past or present or anyone associated with one.


Theres nothing in the dress code regarding piercings and tattoos other than a: no vulgarity, and b: no facial piercings. as far as pants around the ankles, umm if anything thats that single general managers fault for not enforcing the rules. my managers would kill me at the woodstock menards store if i dressed that way


First off I don't know what store your talking about because Menards has a very tight dress code for employees. Yes some people may have visible tattoos but they are not wearing baggey clothes.


I think it has a lot to do with your attitude. Just because someone has tattoos does not make them a bad person.


strang, have you ever worked for menards before? if so, it's kept on record and they aren't calling for a good reason. and if you haven't, maybe the spots are filled by the time you call.


Somebody took my phone number and called Afghanistan. Afghanastan. I've never talked to anyone in Afghanistan, I don't know nobody in Afghanistan.

@El Ray

That was me. Sorry.