Mankato, Minnesota
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At the Dundas Mn. store, Rhonda, an employee working in the paint dept.

lightened a gal. of paint for us. She did not record what she did to the paint. We went back for more paint of the same color and we were treated rudely.

There was no attempt to be of any help by her nor was anything suggested to us.We now have a toilet we are considering returning.

My question is does she treat all black people this way? We've spent a lot of money at that store and i am on a fixed income but do I deserve that from clerks?

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Please stop with the black thing already. Believe it or not, white people run into rude people all the time too.


Race card = cannot take you seriously.


Maybe I am misunderstanding but...She really expected the store to keep her color mix on file or something? Uhmm...isn't that what the little sticker on HER can is for HER to keep?

If you felt neglected it's not because of your's because of your stupidity! I don't think any sales clerk should ever be rude to a customer but it's not surprising that it would happen under those circumstances.


who's fella? i'm fella.


They probably refused to sit on the toilet because it was white!


Your lucky I wasn't working.


Playing the race card means your a *** e n *** and deserve what you get.


Why do you assume she was rude to you because you are black? I am white and I deal with rude clerks all the time. I've also been treated rudely by a black sales clerk at Burlington Coat factory and watched her turn around and be sweet as pie to a black customer.


BTW, who is fella? I have noticed his name pops up often, no mater what the complaint.


When I managed Wallcoverings, the only record of paint colors we kept were contractor's whom commonly bought large amounts so they could call ahead and let us know they were coming in. A lot of stores don't even do that.

Sorry we didn't keep the sticker of the paint color you made once a while back.

Yup, our bad for losing YOUR color information of YOUR project.

By the way, when I said "YOUR color information", I'm not talking about your race. From reading your problem, I'm sure you'd already assumed that.


Seriously? Are you really playing the race card? Seems to me that you have bigger issues than custom paint.


I dont record everything I do. Do you?

You should have brought the can/label back in with you when you needed more. Are you black? Does it really matter?

I am afraid to ask why you have to return a toilet? Nevermind, don't answer that.


Playing the race card AUTOMATICALLY means you lose. Now go away.